RICH INTERVIEWS: Eric Palicki Writer This Nightmare Kills Fascists

First Comics News: Why should people pick up “This Nightmare Kills Fascists” through your Kickstarter campaign?

Eric Palicki: The broad theme of This Nightmare Kills Fascists is ‘political horror,’ but what we’re trying to do is address the unease that comes with today’s global political climate, no matter where you fall on the political climate. None of these stories are heavy-handed or heavily influenced by one ideology or another. Rather, ‘political horror’ is just a thought starter, and our contributors — who include Ariela Kristantina, Justin Jordan, Tini Howard, Katy Rex, Matt Miner, John Bivens, Fabian Lelay, Christopher Sebela, Christian Debari and others — have all attacked the themes of the book from very different directions.

1st: What will people find on the Kickstarter page for “This Nightmare Kills Fascists”?

Eric: A full list of contributors, some sample art including Ben Bishop’s amazing cover for the anthology, and a list of rewards, which includes the book in both physical and digital formats, autographed bookplates, creator-centric bundles, custom sketches, and more.

1st: Why do an anthology comic instead of one story or just a few different ones?

Eric: I think, in this instance, it’s important to tackle the themes from many different perspectives, and this gives me the advantage of getting to work with some of my best friends in comics.

1st: What is your story about in “This Nightmare Kills Fascists”?

Eric: My story is about a journalist’s particularly harrowing experience while reporting on a war overseas, and its aftermath.

1st: How hard or easy was it to get other people to commit to being a part of “This Nightmare Kills Fascists”?

Eric: Incredibly easy. Surprisingly so. Matt and I committed to doing this book and we had ninety-percent of our contributors on board within 24 hours. It seems this is a topic on everyone’s mind lately.

1st: Why should people read “No Angel” what is it all about?

Eric: NO ANGEL is the story of a woman who comes home to bury her father and discovers that he may have been killed because of his involvement in a (possibly supernatural) cult. It’s co-written with my sister, the actress Adrianne Palicki (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., John Wick) with art by Ari Syahrazad, and it might be the best comic I’ve ever made. It’s a book about family, written by family.

1st: Why is your graphic novel “Fake Empire” something someone should read?

Eric: I describe FAKE EMPIRE as my ‘tooth fairy murder mystery,’ and it’s exactly that. Someone kills the tooth fairy on page one and it’s up to her sisters to find the murderer. It’s a noir whodunit mixed with a bit of political intrigue as we explore the fairy kingdom and how it’s managed to exist hidden alongside the human world for centuries.

1st: What work did you do for Marvel Comics?

Eric: I wrote a 15-page story called “Most Dangerous in the Galaxy” which appeared as a backup in GUARDIANS OF INFINITY #6. The story featured art by Paolo Villanelli.

1st: Which super-hero characters did you get to write in “Guardians of Infinity” and what personalities did you give them?

Eric: I wrote a fiercely independent Gamora attempting a solo mission, while a concerned (possibly overly-so) Kitty Pryde tagged along, uninvited. It was great fun to do!

1st: Which super-hero from Marvel or DC would you most like to write that you have not?

Eric: Green Arrow from DC. Moon Knight or Captain America from Marvel. I prefer street-level to cosmic power.

1st: What will you be working on next?

Eric: I have short stories in several upcoming anthologies, besides This Nightmare Kills Fascists, as well as hopefully a follow-up to NO ANGEL at Black Mask to be announced shortly. For now, though, I’m mostly concerned with getting This Nightmare Kills Fascists out into the world and making sure it’s the best book it can be.

1st: What makes a good comic book writer?

Eric: The ingredients for becoming a good comics writer:

1) Read a lot, and not just comics

2) Practice every day

3) Open yourself up to criticism

4) Be aware of your strengths and weaknesses

5) Know your audience

6) Whiskey (optional)

1st: Besides writing comics what else do you like to do?

Eric: I run. I write for non-comics-related media. I spend time with my girlfriend and our three cats. I like to cook. I like to let others cook for me.

1st: What words do you have for anyone who buys “This Nightmare Kills Fascists”?

Eric: Thank you for supporting our book, We’re excited to present you with a collection filled with good stories, first, politically charged characters, second.


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