RICH INTERVIEWS: Edgar Delgado Writer/Colorist for Los Valiants

First Comics News: What type of book is “Los Valiants”?

Edgar Delgado: Los Valiants is a straight up superhero comic book that just so happens to feature talking animals, kinda like a 90 ́s Disney cartoon on steroids. It is written and colored by me with art by the incredible Omar Lozano.

1stWho are the various super-heroes we see here?

Edgar: All the members of Los Valiants are vigilantes with no superpowers, we have Erik Robles, who ́s a martial arts fighter stuck in a dead end career, Hak: a vigilante that records himself fighting crime and posts it on YouTube, Venado: a luchador who moonlights as a superhero, Thunder: an ex-mercenary that is searching for the people responsible of killing her squad, and Tron Beta 2.0: a cyborg duck from the future that comes back to warn about a future catastrophe. There ́s also Ultraduck, this world ́s first superhero, functioning as a kind of inspiration to all of the characters.

1stWhich one of these super-heroes is the most powerful and why not counting Ultraduck?

Edgar: That would be Tron because he ́s a cyborg and has all these gadgets, but the idea is that the reason they all team up is because no matter who could be more powerful, together they can achieve a lot more than if they were working alone.

1st: Does writing anthropomorphic characters vary from writing humans?

Edgar: Not much, although writing talking animals and seeing how Omar Lozano brings them to life with his art can be a lot of fun.

1stWho will we see as villains in “Los Valiants”?

Edgar: The main villain of the story is Samantha Katoree, the owner of an energy drink company who is, in reality, an 800-year-old vampire. She has been having problems creating more vampires, they all end weak and acting like mindless zombies, and is looking for a formula to cure her species, she uses the energy drink company as a front to make experiments on the population.

1st: How did you come up with the idea to create Ultraduck?

Edgar: I was a huge fan of the old Disney shows, specially Ducktales, and I always thought that if the show had a bit more edge to the stories they could be even more awesome, so when I started doing my own comics as a teenager I created a character reflecting that idea I had about those shows. I always said that if you don’t see what you want on tv, then you have to create it yourself.

1stWhy decide to make Ultraduck a duck and not some other animal?

Edgar: Again it all comes back to Ducktales, big fan of those characters, and also all of my life for some reason ducks have been always there, my friends even nicknamed me “pato”, which means duck in Spanish. It ́s kind of always been there.

1st: You color Marvel Comics what is the process of doing so?

Edgar: I get assignments from Marvel regularly, I usually receive the script and the pages by email, then I start coloring them using Photoshop and send the editors low res jpg files for them to review, once it’s approved I send the high res files and I get paid. I compare my job with that of the special effects and lighting department in a movie. Been doing that professionally for almost 20 years.

1st: Which Marvel comic that you have colored would you like to write?

Edgar: Spider-Man, hands down, he ́s my favorite Marvel character of all time, and I feel very lucky to have worked on that character for such a long time.

1st: Who is Erik Delgado and how are you two related?

Edgar: Erik is my brother, when we were kids we created characters together, most of the characters in Los Valiants were created by him when we were kids, he ́s not involved in making comics anymore but I credit him in the book because I have a lot of fond memories of those days.

1st: Do you have any ideas for other comics and characters?

I have another comic co-created with my fellow colorist Antonio Fabela called Chava & Don Andres, we did a webcomic about it and right now I’m re-uploading the whole thing on the webtoons platform. It’s about a Mexican kid who gets involved in a war between wizards, set in a small Mexican town.

1stWhat would you do with Ultraduck’s powers?

Edgar: I think I would do what he does, try to save the world, but I guess I would end up doing what the other guys do (Horace Rooson)

1stWhy do you like Bugs Bunny?

Edgar: Because he ́s the best of all time.

1stDo you have anything to say to your readers?

Edgar: I wanna thank all the people that have given the books a chance and I really want to hear from them, I ́d love to build a community around the Ultraduck and Valiants fans and build this universe together. Stick around because there are more stories coming!


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