RICH INTERVIEWS: Cinnimani Cosplayer

First Comics News: How and why did you first get into cosplaying?

Cinnimani: “I’ve been into cosplay since before I hit double digits. My cousins introduced me to anime and I found out about cosplay on my own. Back then a simple costume costed hundreds and hundreds of dollars so I just browsed costumes in my downtime.”

1st: What about cosplaying do you most enjoy?

Cinnimani: “The kids. When I cosplayed as Sailor Moon, the first picture I got taken of me was by a mom for her two little daughters. They ran up to me, a complete stranger, hugged onto my legs yelling, “Sailor Moooon!”. It was really adorable. While being Madoka I had a lot of babies in my hands because they thought I was a fairy.”

1st: How do your friends feel about you cosplaying?

Cinnimani: “Most of my “IRL” friends are pretty indifferent to it. I like to do a lot of outlandish things so it doesn’t really phase them! A few think it’s cool, though. My “URL” friends on the other hand are a lot more involved. They help me choose my next cosplays or help me find items I need for it. They’re my biggest fans. #128149;”

1st: Who have you cosplayed so far?

Cinnimani: “I’ve cosplayed as Sailor Moon, Madoka Kaname, Starfire, Slave Leia, and Sandaime Muramasa, in that order. I would include that I ‘cosplayed’ as Miku once, but I was only 9 and it was for a halloween party. I sewed my own armbands together and bought a wig from Walmart. No one knew who I was but I still had a lot of fun!”

1st: Who would you like to cosplay as next?

Cinnimani: “Most definitely Miku! I’ve loved Miku for close to ten years now but I never got the chance to cosplay as her. I definitely have to do her justice and go all out. I think that’ll have to be the first cosplay I buy colored contacts for.”

1st: Your Sailor Moon is amazing, do you watch the anime series?

Cinnimani: “Yes, I’ve watched the old series but I’m not a big fan of the new one. I used to read Sailor Moon mangas before bed when I was little, she was my hero.”

1st: Would you recommend cosplaying for others and why?

Cinnimani: “Yes and no. Yes because it’s fun! You’re a whole different person for the day. Cons are a very friendly environment for the most part, too. No because it’s super addictive and definitely expensive. My immediate family dresses up and goes to cons with me now, haha!”

1st: What has been your best experience with cosplaying?

Cinnimani: “My best experience was cosplaying as Starfire. My mom and I spent a week making the costume from scratch even though neither of us had really used a sewing machine before then. It was the most fun I had in a costume! So many people asked us how we made it as well. On Tumblr, I ended up getting 25,000+ likes/reblogs on my cosplay. My inbox was flooded for a month!”

1st: Why do you like to draw?

Cinnimani: “It’s a nice outlet for every emotion. I also like to design and redesign characters. It’s yet another way I express myself. I’m going to use my art skills to design an original costume for a con soon. Watch out for it!”

1st: Would you like to be an artist and draw a comic book some day?

Cinnimani: “Yes, though I’m more of an animation type of girl. I’d like to see my art and designs on TV one day. If it has to start in a comic book first to be transferred onto a cartoon show so be it!”

1st: Which anime and manga do you like most?

Cinnimani: “This is a hard one. I’m really fond of magical girl animes, ESPECIALLY Tokyo Mew Mew. (Mew Ichigo most definitely will be a future cosplay because we’re so alike!) But my absolute favorite anime is Tiger & Bunny. It’s about a veteran superhero named Kotetsu (aka Wild Tiger) who’s assigned a new, younger partner named Barnaby. They really don’t get along but they have to for ratings. It’s a sci-fi anime which isn’t something I thought I’d ever watch, but the plot, writing, and characters are really great. If you haven’t seen it yet, I’d recommend it. It’s been five years and I’m still waiting on a season two, ha.”

1st: Who has been most supportive of your cosplaying?

Cinnimani: “My mom! She likes to see me happy and she knows that cosplaying is a way to put a smile on my face. She helps me pick, budget, order, etc. It’s almost like she’s my manager. She probably would be if I ever got famous for cosplaying.”

1st: How do you like to spend your spare time?

Cinnimani: “I enjoy drawing, playing PC games, rollerskating, doing yoga, playing volleyball, and hanging out with my friends. Most of the time I’m just lounging around and relaxing, though. I like to think and plan ahead instead of being super active all of the time.”

1st: What would you like to say to those who enjoy seeing you cosplaying?

Cinnimani: “Thank you for supportin’ me! It really keeps me going when I get nice messages from people and acknowledgement from people I look up to. Couldn’t do it without you all!”

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