RICH INTERVIEWS: Cindy Bertet ( Didizuka) Artist “Elle Etait La”

First Comics News: What kind of videos do you create?

Cindy Bertet: I created promotional videos for mangas translated in French by Le Lézard Noir. I try to create a story inside the original story created by the artist. I created two videos for self published French writers too.

1st: What is “Elle Etait La”?

Cindy: Elle était là (she was here) is the ongoing comic I’m still working on.
Plot : Following the death of her aunt she has never known, Rochelle (main character’s name) inherits her flat. She settled there but wanted to throw its contents in the trash, she starts asking herself about the life of this woman rejected by her own family and about the strange customs of this new country she lives now.

1st: What are “Black Box Sarl” and “Crea Corp Sarl”?

Cindy: Black Box Sarl is a french manga publisher. I work with them on manga covers, logo and lettering. Crea Corp sarl is a society which negociates rights of manga and anime with Japanese and Italian publishers.

1st: How did you find with Sissy Pentalis?

Cindy: Well, I don’t remember how I met Sissy; but it was on internet…

1st: Who is the horned cow girl?

Cindy: This girl is : Beef. Ok, the name is not cute, but it sounds fun in French. Beef is a fantasy creature, created, at first, to be the mascot of my very old fanzine : crucify. Them, I made her a character for a future comic project… maybe ^^

1st: What are you going to work on next?

Cindy: I have a new comic project with French writer Jean Michel Gernier. But it’s still a secret ;p

1st: Do you have any favorite comics you like besides your own?

Cindy: Oh yeah ! I love some much comics books ! I’ve got a lot at home… It’s like drugs, I can’t stop reading and buying them :/
I love comics so much that It’s difficult to choose. Well, I like old Japanese comics, some Italian, French and American… such as Tezuka’s manga, Moto Hagio, Umezu, Kamimura, Kishiro,… Mignola, Miller,…

1st: What has been your best experience with comics so far?

Cindy: In reading or drawing them ? I like finishing a panel I’m proud of; but it’s not all the time. I’m too maniac with my own work…

1st: What one super power would you like to have and why?

Cindy: Ha ha ! I want to have a “extend time and not tired” power : I want to draw all the day without being tired… but, I work all the day in my job… and after, I’m tired… :p
Oh well… a “no money problem” power too ! With this, I don’t have to work for eating !

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