RICH INTERVIEWS: Chris Githens Owner Cut Throat Comics/Writer for Beautiful People

First Comics News: How was Cut Throat Comics formed?

Chris Githens: Cut Throat Comics was formed out of an idea to get more adults and teenagers to have more interest in reading comic books. Like all of us did in the late 70’s and 90’s.

1stWhat genre of comic book does Cut Throat Comics focus on?

Chris: Cut Throat doesn’t focus on one genre of comics. In my first comic book, I wanted to go back to the horror genre of comics. I remember the great classic horror comic books like Tales from the Crypt. But Cut Throat Comics is all over in the gene comics today. A little horror, a little sci-fi as well a little bit of superhero, and a little bit of non-fiction as well.

1stWhat is “Beautiful People” about?

Chris: Well, Beautiful People is about David Drake taking his father’s mortuary business that he left behind after his father’s death of cancer. David Drake takes on what we know best and then all of a sudden some murders happen in his hometown. After these murders happen it brings back something that David Drake thought he had controlled since his childhood. He starts to see the dead talking to him and asking for help to solve these murders that are happening. So, David Drake’s medium powers come back at this time. It’s kind of part Horror / Who did it? Comic book.

1st: Who are the main characters in “Beautiful People”?

Chris: The main characters in “ Beautiful People”, would be first David Drake, Gwen, Ami, and Detective Poole. These characters are a big part of the three-part series for this comic book. You will see a lot of involvement of these characters through the comic book.

1st: What will readers notice the most about “Beautiful People”?

Chris: Good question. Hmm! I think the readers of this comic book will notice the most the story and the great drawings from the front cover to the back cover. They will get into the characters of this comic book and be transported to great horror as well of who did it, to the very end of this great comic book.

1st: How would you describe Alessio Nocerino’s art?

Chris: Alessio Nocerino’s art is well-detailed and thought-provoking. He makes you feel like you’re living the drawings he does for the front covers and back covers of this horror/Who did it? Comic book. He is talented in what he does. I am glad he part of my team.

1st: What is the storyline in “Reign District-312”?

Chris: Wow! You’re asking great questions here. Reign District-312 is about today’s modern times in America and what’s happening now, but with a slightly darker take on crime and government and how one pulls the other strings for complete control in the United States of America. A special Military police Swat team is formed to combat the evils of the world. A team that takes charge when other police forces have failed.

1st: How many people and who make up the Swat team?

Chris: (Laughing) Five people make up the swat team. I don’t want to give away the character’s name right now because they might change in the future of this next comic book that I am working on for the second comic book I want to put out.

1st: Why have an all-women Swat team?

Chris: The reason I wanted it to be an all-women swat team. It’s never been done in a comic book that I’ve ever seen. Also, another reason, I wanted to give younger teenage girls and older women a different look and encourage women that they could be just more than teachers, Moms, etc. To show in this comic book that women are strong and can make a difference in this world.

1st: What is it about writing that draws you to do it?

Chris: Well, ever since I was very little. I just love to write about anything that I could think of in my imagination. My mom is the one that encouraged me to write ever since I was little. I just love creating a great story and having people be embraced into my world of writing

1st: Will Cut Throat Comics be coming out with more comics shortly?

Chris: The simple answer is yes. But I want to see how “Beautiful People”, does first. I have many more comics in the works already. I just don’t want to give away too much in this interview. I want to surprise the fans of the first comic book they buy from Cut Throat Comics.

1st: If you could write any comic besides your own which one, would it be and why?

Chris: Oh! Let’s see. I would love to rewrite the Batman comic book since that was one of the comic books that I read when I was in my pre-teen years. I could give a different look into Bruce Wayne/ Batman’s world. That would be my bucket list comic book project for sure.

1st: What do you enjoy doing with any free time you happen to get?

Chris: With my free time. I think people would think what I do with my free time is boring (laughing).

I like to play Console and PC games on my gaming laptop. I am also a collector of Valaverse ^inch military figures. I also collect Batman animated series action figures and Mondo 12-inch figures when I ever have spare time. Also, I try to spend time with friends and family which is important to me as well.

1st: What would you like to say to the fans of your comics?

I would like to say Thank you number one. Because there are a lot of comicbooks out there that they can buy besides my comic. Just be yourself and have fun reading what speaks to you. Also don’t believe when critics say that the comic book era is dead. It will never die as long as readers keep on buying them in their local comic book store.

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