RICH INTERVIEWS: Ben Lacy Creator/Writer for The Cthulhu Man

First Comics News: Why do you enjoy making comic books?

Ben Lacy: I’ve loved comics since I was a kid (over 50 years ago) and always wanted to write my own. I’ve had ideas that I thought would make a good book and that no one else was trying so I gave it a go with Shark of War. I was pleased with how it came out and I’ve enjoyed both the creation process and even (though not as much), the marketing and selling of the book. So now I’m working on Shark of War #6, The Cthulhu Man #1, and another spinoff I hope to bring out early next year.

1st: What is the main draw of “The Cthulhu Man” why will people want to pick this up?

Ben: I think a lot of people really love the Lovecraft mythos. I wanted to take that and incorporate it into a mash-up of a superhero/horror comic. I think someone with Cthulhu-like abilities would be an incredible supervillain. This is done in one comic. However, if there ends up being a sequel, we’ll see more of the Cult of Cthulhu work its way into the story.

1st: Will the fact that the Cthulhu Man was a gang boss play a part in this comic book?

Ben: If there’s a sequel, definitely, but right now it mainly tells you that The Cthulhu Man isn’t going to be a good guy.

1st: Why does Dr. Douglas do the things that she does?

Ben: She was always an unpleasant, arrogant person who cared more about testing her ideas on her patients than helping them. Now, though, she’s created hordes of monstrous creatures under her direct control and has powerful Mob friends and backers, so she’s free to become the first supervillain of the Biting Comics Universe and to experiment on people without restriction and, so she believes, without any consequences.

1st: Will Cthulhu Man have any special abilities?

Ben: Definitely, he will be able to make people see what he wants them to see. He will be able to take control of their minds. He has telekinetic powers. And thanks to his merger with the octopi, he has enhanced strength, speed, and regenerative capabilities.

1st: Can you tell us about any supporting characters that stand out?

Ben: Of course. The Coastal Cartel is so powerful in the country of Centralia, they can strike out at anyone who dares cross them, including the young children of a Judge whose ruling they didn’t like. They turn these kids over to Dr. Douglas. The young girl becomes Electrica, who has electricity and electromagnetic powers, while her older brother becomes The Lionfish. He has enhanced speed and strength as well as the ability to emit lethal clouds of venom.

Finally, there’s The Lobsterman. Brutally experimented on by Dr. Douglas, he appears to be near death, but his fate will be decided by the backers.

1st: Will “The Cthulhu Man” ever crossover with “Shark of War”?

Ben: Possibly but it will probably be in an indirect way. Some of the new supporting characters though will definitely be involved with Shark of War.

1st: You have a Kickstarter now how is it going?

Ben: I have one going on right now at:

. It’s going pretty well though we’re still a bit away from funding. My earlier one for issue 5 of Shark of War was my largest to date and this one is already close to topping it.

1st: Why do you use water creatures as a base for your stories?

Ben: I’m not locked into it, but it seemed to make sense to do a spinoff related to Shark of War and Dr. Douglas’ experiments to logically expand the superpowers in my universe.

1st: So what is next for you in comics?

Ben: Shark of War #6, this one will be done by an artist other than me and will kick off the next Shark of War story arc. I want to follow that up with The Vicious Vixens of Dakuwanga, another spinoff from Shark of War. Then if things are going well, I’d like to try a pure superhero comic.

1st: How does a normal day in the life of Ben Lacy go?

Ben: I’m an engineer in my daily life so I spend my days doing computer modeling work. My evenings center around my comic book work. I also like working out and traveling. I also sell my books at Comicons when I can find ones close enough to travel to.

1st: Which comic book besides your own would you most like to work on and why?

Ben: Superman. I’ve always loved the character. I think I have some cool story ideas for him that would be true to the concept but haven’t been tried before.

1st: What aquatic ability would you most like to have and why?

Ben: Just the ability to breathe underwater alone would be cool. I like to go snorkeling occasionally and not needing the snorkel would be great.

1st: How has your life been enriched by making “Shark of War” and “The Cthulhu Man”?

Ben: I’ve gotten to fulfill one of my dreams, and even if it doesn’t grow further than it has, it’s still been a thrill to have my book out there and know people have enjoyed it.

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