RICH INTERVIEWS: Alessandro Muscillo Artist for Geronimo Stilton: Reporter

First Comics News: You work on both Geronimo Stilton books and comics, how does each one diff for you?

Alessandro Muscillo: I work mainly on books, which in Italy represent the mainline of Geronimo Stilton. In this case, it is a pure illustration work, with certain composition freedom, but little space to tell a lot. In the Geronimo Stilton Reporter series, I threw myself, after a long time, on the comic. It is fun to be able to move the characters, backgrounds, and shots. While based on the cartoon episodes.

Rich: Why do people like the character Geronimo Stilton?

Alessandro: It is a more difficult question than it seems. Finding the right balance of features for the main character is the key to success. I would love to know this secret. I believe that Geronimo unites two sides of us readers: what we are and what we would like to be. Shy, but brave. And it’s always too funny, of course.

1st: What personality traits does your art bring out in Geronimo?

Alessandro: Definitely the awkward and clumsy side.

1st: Who is Trap and how does your art portray him?

Alessandro: Trap is the classic friend that when there is too much, but when it is not there, we would like it with us. I always try to emphasize this side.

1st: Do you prefer doing art geared toward a younger audience?

Alessandro: Absolutely yes. Few adults read with the passion and enthusiasm of children. And the adults who do it started as children.

1st: Which character do you have the most fun drawing in “Geronimo Stilton Reporter”?

 Prince Nogouda, from the first episode of Geronimo Stilton Reporter. Operation Shufongfong.

1st: How did you first start working on Geronimo books and comics?

Alessandro: In 2006 I left the Scuola del Fumetto in Milan, after attending the realistic comics course. I immediately started collaborating with my digital color teacher, Christian Aliprandi. He already worked for Geronimo Stilton and, not surprisingly, he is also the colorist of Geronimo Stilton Reporter.

1st: Do you like working on anthropomorphic characters or do you prefer humans?

Alessandro: I am very fond of bipedal mice, but I try to adapt to the needs.

1st: What does it take to become a great artist?

Alessandro: I’m still trying to figure it out. In the meantime, I work …

1st: Which super-hero comic would you most like to work on if you could?

Alessandro: Batman, absolutely.

1st: What is the best experience comic book related that you have had?

Alessandro: I had the honor of being able to collaborate as a colorist with two giants of Italian comics. The master Giancarlo Alessandrini and Alfredo Castelli, creator of the Martin Mystere series, published by Sergio Bonelli Editore.

1st: What is Brescia like for comic books?

Alessandro: In Brescia, some very good artists were born who now work a lot also outside Italy. One above all Andrea Mutti, a friend who is conquering the USA.

1st: Does music play a part in your life?

Alessandro: Absolutely yes. I am a bass player. I take this opportunity to invite everyone to listen to the music of my band, Sestomarelli. We have just released our third album. Find us on Facebook and the major streaming platforms. Sorry for the small advertisement.

1st: What parting comment would you like to make to those who enjoy your art?

Alessandro: Read! Read! Read! And thank you very much to everyone who keeps doing it.

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