RICH INTERVIEW: Emily Kelly Actress/Producer Scare and Crow Prod.

First Comics News: What is the story in “Werewolves from Outer Space”?

Emily Kelly: “Werewolves from Outer Space” is the story of four werewolves from another planet who crash-land on Earth, and the hilarity that ensues as they attempt to fix their spaceship to fly home.

1st: Who is Madi and why should we be afraid of her?

Emily: Madi isn’t your average small-town girl. She’s got a sheriff for a dad, and that’s made her street smart and tough. I think it’s also made her question a great deal of the world around her-For instance, she joins a paranormal investigation team solely to “demystify and debunk” paranormal phenomena. If that’s not enough to make you afraid of her, she’s got big guns and doesn’t take kindly to alien werewolves who kill her boyfriend.

1st: You also play Fang a werewolf, so do you naturally have animalistic qualities

Emily: I’ve always suspected that I was a cat in another life. I live to be fed, rested and loved!
1st: What genre is “Werewolves from Outer Space”?

Emily: “Werewolves from Outer Space” hearkens back to the days of Sci-Fi with a sense of humor-You know, like “Mystery Science Theatre 3000.”

1st: What is Fang like as a character in this movie?

Emily: In terms of their werewolf space crew, Fang is the mercenary. She’s the muscle. She doesn’t take any crap. If you wanna get to the other members of the crew, you’ve gotta go through her first.

1st: Is it easy for you to switch between Madi and Fang?

Emily: Once I zeroed in on the strongest similarities and differences between them, I found that it became easy to switch between Madi and Fang. Their radically different costumes definitely helped me to find the physical differences between them-Every time I put on those werewolf contacts and claws, I instantly fell into Fang. Being able to wipe off all the werewolf make-up and slip into the long red wig, I just FELT like Madi. But their similar personalities were surprisingly helpful too, though. As I said before, both of them are tough. They both suffer pretty traumatic losses in the film, and neither of them are afraid to make someone pay. It was easy to tap into both Madi and Fang’s “Revenge Modes.”

1st: How did you join Scare and Crow Productions?

Emily: I think I showed up for an open audition, and just never left!

1st: What does a Producer have to do on a film?

Emily: Sometimes, in Hollywood, the producer of a film can get the reputation as being simply a title, or a person that merely throws money at a production. In the realm of independent film, though, I feel like the producer is much more than that. The producer may bring in the money, but they may also bring in the talent. Most importantly, though, is they coordinate-Everything from the script to the shooting and the editing.

1st: What are the main differences between theatre acting and movie acting?

Emily: For me the major difference between theatrical and movie acting is the fact that theatrical acting is generally presented live, whereas movie acting is prerecorded. Theatrical acting is such a rush because it’s you, your castmates and the audience. It’s electric because it’s constantly evolving in the moment, based on what the cast is giving and the audience is offering in return. Movie acting is much more about finding something that works in a scene and recreating it over and over again, as they shoot it from a myriad of different angles. I’ve always maintained that good editors and videographers can greatly enhance an actor’s performance on film, but on-stage, there’s nowhere to hide.

1st: What was the film “Gretchen’s Lock” about that you starred in?

Emily: “Gretchen’s Lock,” a short film by Josh Menning, is the story of five campers who spend the weekend exploring the ghostly legends of Gretchen’s Lock in Beaver Creek State Park. Interestingly enough, I wandered the same locks when I was a teenager, and could tell you a good story or two.

1st: Which is your most memorable role?

Emily: My most memorable role? That may very well be Jenn in “Gretchen’s Lock.” I actually had people who approached me at the premiere after-party simply to verify that I wasn’t actually an insufferable b***h. I’ve had so many people say to me, “Man, I couldn’t wait for you to die!” That’s when I know I’ve done my job.

1st: What do you have planned for the future?

Emily: My future looks bright, from where I’m standing. Right now, I’m awaiting a script for Scare & Crow’s upcoming film, “Ghost House,” and I’m in the process of preparing my role as Miss Brodie in this summer’s feature, “Twincarnation.” I’m also involved in various aspects of production on the ongoing web series “Rivals,” playing the role of Beth, as well as serving as script supervisor and a contributing episode writer. And, of course, I’ve got my feelers out on a number of other projects-I’ll tell you all about them once the ink had dried!

1st: Any words for those who watch you in “Werewolves from Outer Space”?

Emily: Enjoy!

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