First Comics NewsWhat was your first acting job?

Tiffany Smith: My first acting job that I remember was playing a fish in a school play musical version of the Little Mermaid… not Flounder… Just a fish.

1st At “DC All Access” what have you done?

Tiffany: haha what have I done at dc all access… wayyyyyyy to many things to type out here. I have been with the show for about 5 years now. So everything and anything dc related. From hosting panels at comic con to dc film premieres, interviewing writers and artists to riding a new Joker ride at 6 flags. Fortunately, you can watch alllllll the dc fun on the DC youtube channel. 

1st  Your character Samantha in “House of Demons” what is she like?

Tiffany: I like to think of her as someone who has lost pieces of herself throughout her life piece by piece by piece. Where we see her now, she has finally come to this place where her only goal, her only intention is to do whatever is best for Frazer. He is the only person who matters, what he says goes. So, I’d say Samantha is fiercely loyal… to a fault. Which leads her down a pretty dark path. 

1st  What was the best and worst part of making “House of Demons”?

Tiffany: What I love so much about acting is that you get to play roles and explore personalities and traits that maybe you would never experience in your own life. I mean being the right hand of a cult leader is not something I experience every day haha. And also, I love surprising people with my acting. Playing something that is so different than who I am on a day to day basis or even when I am hosting. And I say maybe I’d want to play Frazer only because he takes Samantha’s crazy and turns the nob up from 80 to 100! And that just sounds so fun!

The most challenging part of playing Samantha… hmm well, I think it was one particular scene that we shot and I don’t want to give away too many spoilers, but it involved me having a lot of prosthetics and special effects make up. The application process took a bit of time but when you see the results it is all worth it! Now remove all of that fun stuff… THAT was the challenge. We were in that house later than anyone the night we shot those scenes just for hours removing bits piece by piece. 

1st  What did you learn from being in “House of Demons”?

Tiffany: One of the biggest takeaways for me on this film honestly was trust! There was one scene in particular where I have to stab a few people… Because not only did I have to take my emotions to a level where Samantha would want to stab people, but making sure my fellow actors felt connected with me in the scene and safe! What really helped was having a cast and crew that was so supportive and ready to go! As far as prep you get to do a few rehearsals then you shoot it and hope for the best.

1st  How do you improve your acting ability?

Tiffany: Just keep working, whether its watching movies, tv shows, going to acting class, just keep doing something that works that part of your brain. Right now it’s even doing theater, and producing for me. I just finished taking part in a 48-hour film festival and getting to see a project from start to finish and that was such a great learning experience for me.

1st  On “Geeking Out” what was it like working on this show?

Tiffany: Doing AMC’s Geeking Out was such an incredible experience for me. First off, having Kevin Smith suggest me for the show, in general, was something that meant so much to me. Being in the geek space is so interesting because I think still there are people who don’t think, based off of how someone looks or presents themselves, they can’t be a legit geek, but when someone who I and tons of other geek fans respect like Kevin Smith says no this is the girl, she knows her stuff! I mean I can’t even describe how that feels! And on top of that getting to know Greg who is one of the nicest guys around was icing on the cake. Being on set and talking to the 2 of them about all the stuff we love and then add in fantastic guests from the kids from Stranger Things or cast from Fear the Walking Dead, it was hard to call any day on set work!

1st  What two characters would you most like to Cosplay as?

Tiffany: I have been Miss Marvel, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern, Snow White, and Orc… I can’t pick two haha. Always changes, but one of my all time favorites is always Zatanna!

1st  Would you like to have Wonder Woman’s powers and abilities and what would you do with them?

Tiffany: If I had her powers all I would hope is that I could be anything close to the woman that Diana is. Loving, strong, beautiful, heroic and just true to myself. I think every woman or man anyone can connect to their inner Wonder Woman. That’s why I think that she is such an enduring character for so many.

1st  What is your outlook on life?

Tiffany: What would Wonder Woman do? hehe VasseurInterviewsRich Interviews
First Comics News: What was your first acting job? Tiffany Smith: My first acting job that I remember was playing a fish in a school play musical version of the Little Mermaid... not Flounder... Just a fish. 1st At 'DC All Access' what have you done? Tiffany: haha what have I done at dc all access......