RICH INRERVIEWS: Margarita Monet Lead Singer “Edge of Paradise”

First Comics News: Who makes up the band “Edge of Paradise”?

Margarita: Hello, thank you for having me! We have Dave Bates on guitar, John Chominsky on Drums, Nick Ericson on bass and me on vocals and keyboards!

1st: What style of music does “Edge of Paradise” play?

Margarita: We are a hard rock/metal band with industrial and symphonic edge. The music is dynamic and at times theatrical, it’s a sonic roller coaster ride! 🙂

1st: Why should people listen to “Shade of Crazy”?

Margarita: Shade Of Crazy is one of the songs from our upcoming CD, out in March. We released the music video to give our fans the taste of the evolution of the music. The new CD will reveal the heavier and more industrial side of the band, we’re very excited to unleash the new music!

1st: What training have you had in singing and music?

Margarita: I grew up in Moscow, Russia and since I was around 4 I started playing classical piano, singing, theater and dance, and I just kept doing that my whole life. Honestly i never imagined I would have a metal band, cause I was so emerged in classical piano and music theater, but it was actually a natural evolution for me, I love creating music, being on the stage and sharing that with people. And it’s part of our sound, merging Dave’s heavy metal influences with my classical background!

1st: Why the name “Edge of Paradise” where did it come from?

Margarita: Dave and I wanted to name the band that represents the different dimensions of the music, and also to reflect the city where we live, Los Angeles. It’s always sunny and may seem like it’s paradise, but it can be deceiving, most people live here on the edge and one wrong move you can fall off the cliff!

1st: How do you feel about Sally in a Nightmare Before Christmas and how does Sally tie into your music?

Margarita: I’m a big fan of Tim Burton films and Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my favorites, and I always loved Sally’s Song, so when Halloween came around, I thought it wold be a lot of fun to recreate the character and cover the songs. It’s different from the music of Edge Of Paradise but it was fun to put my own spin on the song, I had a lot of fun playing the keys and singing it!

1st: How many songs have you written and is there any theme to them?

Margarita: We have two albums out, Mask (8 songs) and Immortal Waltz (9 songs).
Mask was our first CD so we didn’t really have a theme and most songs were written with Dave and Robyn McAuley (MSG) before I came into the picture. When Dave and I formed the band we wanted to put out the CD to have something to build on. And right away we started writing songs for Immortal Waltz. That album has an underlying theme. “The idea that we will bring ourselves back to the primal state of existence and rise again from the dark”

1st: You draw as well, how would you describe your art style?

Margarita: I try to put my heart and soul into everything I do, so a lot of what i draw depends on what i’m feeling or what experience I’m trying to convey, i use black ink or silver paint or both, so a lot of art is black and white, I guess the style is more on the gothic side 🙂

1st: Do you think from when you produced Mask until you produced Immortal Waltz that there was a lot of improvement?

Margarita: Night and day! Mask was a building block for us and it gave me a chance to figure out what i could do with my voice. With Immortal Waltz it was Dave and I writing the songs and we found the sound of Edge Of Paradise, and working with legendary producer Michael Wagener was a big part of creating that sound!

1st: What do you think of Amy Lee and Evanescence?

Margarita: I’m a fan, I think it’s awesome they created something original and her voice is awesome! I also love the imagery of the band!

1st: What do you have the most fun doing?

Margarita: Playing shows!

1st: Do you see music as being a part of your life forever?

Margarita: Yes definitely, gotta beat Rolling Stones 😉

1st: What is next for “Edge of Paradise”?

Margarita: New CD, tour, playing in Europe! We’ll be revealing everything in the new year! Can’t wait!
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1st: What do you have to say to your fans?

Margarita: Thank you for your support, we love meeting you at our shows, we love meeting you at our shows, you guys make all the blood sweat and tears worth it 🙂
See you all in 2017!

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