RICH INERVIEWS: Cullen Bunn Writer “The Unsound” BOOM! Studios

First Comics News: Your the writer on “The Unsound” what exactly is going on in this comic?

Cullen Bunn: THE UNSOUND starts out with a simple enough concept: a haunted house story set in an insane asylum. But it goes way beyond that. In the second and third issue, we head into some really strange, dark, and epic places. It’s an exercise in world-building that draws on all the everyday brushes with madness we all experience.

1st: Who is Ashli and why will we care about her?

Cullen: Ashli is the protagonist of THE UNSOUND. She is a young nurse, just out of school, who genuinely wants to help people. Her first job is at St. Cascia Hospital, though, which is unfortunate for her. St. Cascia is a strange place, and Ashli quickly finds herself in way over her head. Ashli has some secrets, too, some of them she might not even understand. A place like St. Cascia tends to draw those kind of secrets out.

1st: How does the name of the comic fit into the story of “The Unsound”?

Cullen: On one level, THE UNSOUND refers to the patients of St. Cascia. They have a weird history all their own. On another lever–one I refuse to reveal just yet–the title refers to another group of individuals we will meet as the series progresses.

1st: What can we look forward to in “Harrow County”?

Cullen: HARROW COUNTY is heading into some very dark territory in the next few issues. From the beginning, we’ve been building up to something big happening in Harrow. All the threads we’ve unraveled will start to come together now. It will not, though, be an easy experience for our hero Emmy. She is going to be facing the biggest challenge… and her most devastating losses… very soon.

1st: Will Deadpool really be shown killing Marvel’s most popular heroes and why does he do it?

Cullen: In DEADPOOL KILLS THE MARVEL UNIVERSE… AGAIN, the title character will indeed be killing all your favorite Marvel heroes. As to why, I can only say that the villains of the Marvel Universe have found a way to manipulate him. He isn’t even aware of what he’s doing when he’s murdering these characters. Of course, there’s a little more to the story than that, but you’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

1st: Why will “Unholy Grail” be the best Arthurian comic book?

Cullen: I don’t know if it’ll be the “best” Arthurian comic book, but I am pretty proud of it. It’s a story that honors the legends of Arthur and Merlin and the Knights of the Round Table, but it also twists those legends into dark horror stories. I think readers who are passingly familiar with the original stories will enjoy this book, but I also think readers who have no experience with Arthurian tales can enjoy the book as a horrific fantasy.

1st: What will be the next big step in your life?

Cullen: There’s really no telling! As always, I have a number of top-secret projects in the works, both creator-owned and otherwise. They are all in various stages. Some will be announced soonish. Some will be announced in a few months, I imagine.

1st: As a writer what words would you like to say to your fans?

Cullen: First and foremost, I want to thank my readers for sticking with me and offering all the support and great feedback. I couldn’t make my dream of telling stories a reality without them!

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