RIC REVIEWS: Dream Town: Amusement Park # 1

Title: Dream Town: Amusement Park # 1
Publisher: Red Skull Comics
Created by: Claudio Sepulveda
Pencils/Letters/Story: Claudio Sepulveda
Script Writer: Anthony Zicari
Colorist: Jesus Camberos
Back Cover Designer/Art Editor: Yuri Camberos
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: facebook.com
Comments: The lettering stands out as it describes the Dream Town Amusement Park. The park is definitely a place to go for fun. The whole park setting has a fun exciting atmosphere yet you can sense something is off.
Now we see a fox on the run and arriving at the park. It is Riky Fox the park’s mascot. With changes being made to the park what is his role now? Does he have one?
The art captures the tune characters beautifully. Humans are drawn in the same manner just they are not furry animals. The park will someways it looks good and some not so good. You will be looking for a fun ride but expecting a scary one.
The park is going through some changes. Riky does have one wild night and it leads to an even wilder morning. Lots of questions are raised for Riky and the readers as well. This comic was moving along with not a lot happening and it was a little boring even and then wham your awake and so is Riky.
Having tunes and humans interacting with no explanation does work the way it is handled here. The characters, especially Riky Fox, draw you in and you want to know more about him and what he is doing. He is somewhat famous yet still seems like a down-to-earth guy/fox.
The ending to this issue will leave you wanting more. Riky Fox is one cool dude.

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