Today is Ric Croxton Day. It’s a special day to all of us here because it’s Ric’s Birthday.

2010 ECHOES Winner Ric Croxton

I have called Ric a friend for more years than I can remember, we have emailed each other and skyped but never actually met in person. I met Ric in one of the many E-Groups he was a member of back when E-Groups still existed. I didn’t have a scanner at the time because this was back in the Paleozoic era. He was generous enough to help collect Mighty Crusader images I eventually used for a geo-cities website, 4 pages about Lancelot Strong, the Shield.

In the intervening years, we moderated a Might Crusaders Yahoo Group together. At one point I was an editor at SBC and he was happy to do some interviews for me.

Here at First Comics News, he does The Book Cave book review column.

If you enjoy First Comics News, say thank you to Ric Croxton he adds a lot to all of our enjoyment of the site.

Thanks buddy and happy birthday!

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