Review Writing: 5 Best Comics Superheroes of All Times

Comics Review Writing: Top 5 Best Superheroes

One can distinguish 5 main races of humans, but superheroes have only 2 races: Marvel and DC characters. Who is more popular? Who is the best superhero? Which publisher has more fans? This article written by the great comics’ fan who works as a college homework helper will try to answer these questions.

Pay attention to the main features of these characters: DC heroes have quite moderate abilities, they bring some dose of realism to their stories. At the same time, Marvel protagonists usually have powers which are almost unlimited.

Best Superhero Ranking

The fight for the 5th position was tough: Green Lantern, Rogue and Thor had nearly equal chances. But the last position out of top goes to…

5. Iron Man

Iron Man was the Marvel’s attempt to introduce some alternative for DC’s Batman. The creator of this guy was Stan Lee: the main creative person of Marvel’s workshop. Iron Man became an important figure of the Avengers’ team. Inside the iron armor suit, there is a guy named Anthony Edward Stark. First, he was going to become a good character with a cool suit, jus like Bruce Wayne. He was also rich and using his money to explore various top technologies.

But Stan Lee chose his own way and things changed: Start injected a virus into his body making him united with his suit. After that, he gained the ability to levitate, to create a force field without a suit, and to gain access to any computer through telepathy. In addition, he’s got superhuman strength and endurance. Stark’s life changes as well: with time, this character becomes more humanistic and noble.

Iron Man got a lot of new fans with the release of three movies about him and four parts of the “Avengers” franchise. The fifth movie is going to come out in 2019.

4. Wolverine

This guy’s name is James Howlett aka Logan aka Wolverine. He represents the Marvel’s camp. The first glory came to him after his appearance in the crew of X-Men. Later he showed up as the member of New Avengers. Wolverine’s superpower is the extra-fast regeneration: his wounds just get healed in seconds. But still, his ability is not that great as the Superman’s power. Moreover, Howlett feels pain strong enough, though he has much more endurance if to compare him with the regular human.

During various experiments on X-Men, Wolverine got his skeleton replaced with adamantium bones that increase the damage he deals with, but it made him vulnerable to electric and magnetic traps. People usually think that his claws are made of adamantium, too. Still, one of comics reveals that this opinion is wrong.

Logan is an experienced fighter familiar with many kinds of martial arts, and he is also a military veteran hardened in some wars. Despite this fact, he does not like to kill anyone and he hates his blind rage state appearing in most critical situations.

This character is a lonely man always doubting common authorities and behaving rudely and straightly. Logan has his personal moral codex to follow all the time without adjusting it to major opinions. In all the comics, Wolverine stands as a talented strategist and a reliable ally.

Resuming the facts above, I can say that Wolverine is not a typical Marvel’s character. He is not a light knight and he does not have unlimited superpowers. But still, he is one of the most popular comic heroes: you can meet Wolverine in nearly 20 different games and more than 10 movies. By the way, Hugh Jackman played this role perfectly, as for me.

3. Deadpool

Deadpool is relatively new to Marvel comics: he appeared in the early ’90s. But several decades later he conquered many fans by his brutality heavily spiced with dark humor. His real name is Wade Wilson. He used to be cured in a psychiatric clinic, but it seems that something went wrong: Wade shows notable schizophrenia signs; he is always glad to talk to himself, no matter if his phrases don’t make any sense sometimes.

Deadpool is a cool mercenary having powerful arsenal always hidden in his pocket. When he enters the fight, this usually means a win guarantee or it turns into a defeat: everything depends on your side.

The greatest feature of this hero is probably the coolest trick ever: Deadpool knows he is a comics’ character. So, he frequently communicates with the reader directly, tells jokes and different comments about this.

His superpower, except for madness and rich weaponry, is the super-regeneration ability that became the result of an experimental skin cancer cure usage. Well, he actually won cancer but got a very ugly face and body he now hides under the mask.

2. Spider-Man

This is the most popular Marvel’s hero who is loved by children very much. Huge numbers of fan merchandised products for young children created him the image of the character only for children. But, in fact, things are different.

Spider-Man became popular because superpowers were given to a simple and regular student Peter Parker. Not to a mature culturist, an airborne soldier, a millionaire or a great leader, but to a usual student known as a looser.

Nowadays, this plot twist is not something new, but in 1962 it became a real revolution in the world of comics. Teenage audience accepted this hero. Then, a student turned into an independent photographer. Another feature of this hero: he did not have a mentor. Peter had to become a superhero on his own, through his mistakes and difficulties.

Spider-Man’s superpower is widely known. Thanks to the bite of a radioactive (in comics) or genetically modified (in movie series) spider, Parker received superhuman agility, speed, ability to generate web and climb over any surface. He beats much more powerful opponents because of his mind and experience. Yes, Superman, almighty guys are not trendy anymore.

Spiderman is one of the most wanted and popular heroes of today. This allows movie makers releasing films of various nastiness levels every year. Some of them were quite good, and if to combine them with many video games, Marvel receives one of the most commercially profitable heroes. Marvel recognizes this: Spider-Man is like a mascot of the company, its greatest achievement for now.

1. Batman

Bruce Wayne aka Batman does not have any superpowers at all. After little Bruce witnessed his parents’ murder by a robber, he decided to stand against criminals and injustice. With time, he became quite rich and could prepare to the day when he wore Batman’s suit for the first time.

Batman has a very high IQ and goes in for self-improvement all the time: he studies different sciences, martial arts, etc. Hi-tech gadgets helping Batman to fight strong criminals are his heroic feature.

The undisputed #1 of the Justice League, Batman is probably the most loved character among all superheroes. He influenced mass culture much more than Superman or Spider-Man. Probably, the character relying on his mind and tech gadgets (products of mind and money as well) is much more interesting to people than any other almighty guy. If to compare with Spider-Man, then Batman was able to become more popular thanks to a wider target audience (not only teenagers loved him).

Christopher Nolan created some great movies about Batman and left any other superhero movie far behind. These films doubtlessly brought additional fans to the Batman’s army. There are more than 20 video games about him released for now. And the first comics number exemplar about this hero was sold in the USA for more than $ 1 000 000.

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