PUBLISHER: Sitcomics
WRITER: Darin Henry, Jen Lloyd & Kevin Bonani
COLORS: Glenn Whitmore
LETTERS: Marshall Dillon
COVER: Jeff Shultz
PRICE: $1.99
SUMMARY: The hilarity ensues and then some as Jess, Kelly, Vera, and Stewart return in an all-new, all-hysterical romp that sees the introduction of Vera’s kooky parents and the return of the vampire who started it all — Dragos!
COMMENTS: This has the look and feel of an Archie comic. Mostly due to the familiar art style of Jeff Shultz. The humor has more innuendo than Archie comics and is aimed at teenagers and older. Also instead of Sabrina the Teenage Witch we have Kelly the Teenage Vampire. There are a few Dad jokes, including that’s what she said, as well as a club called Club Soda. The humor is more mature than a typical teen-humor comic, with the Archie styling of the art give an extra edge to the humor. In the middle of the humor, we discover the science behind vampirism. There is a lot of just plain silliness, breaking of the fourth wall. The Sitcomics are set up in sections of trade paperbacks. So this is 5.1, all of 5 will be collected into Volume 5 eventually, so as the story gets going the chapter ends leaving wanting more, which is exactly the point. It’s fun sophomoric humor for that sophomore in your life or anyone you know who loves PG-13 teen comedy.

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