REVIEW: Savage The Fanzine #1

TITLE: Savage The Fanzine #1
PUBLISHER: Ka-Zar the Savage Fan Page
CREATORS: Brent Anderson, Will Murray, Joeseph Simon, Wally Monk, David Conine, Dee Claborn, Eric Roman, Michael Scarola, Fland, Pykotta
COVER: Eric Roman and Michael Scarola
PRICE: Print $5.23 and Digital is FREE
INDYPLANT: the fanzine
SUMMARY: In this premiere 100-page giant issue of Savage the Fanzine, you will find a treasure trove of Ka-Zar related material including the following: Popular comic book artist Brent Anderson shares a huge portfolio of his concept work for the titular jungle hero and an interview about his work on Ka-Zar’s longest-running series. Pulp expert and comics contributor Will Murray explores how different Ka-Zar might have been if Marvel”s bullpen had made only a few different decisions. Freelance writer David Conine shares his thoughts after binge-reading 34 issues of Ka-Zar the Savage for the first time. Writer Joeseph Simon shares a story of Ka-Zar fan fiction, where the Golden Age meets the Silver Age in the antarctic Savage Land! In addition, numerous illustrations by Dee Claborn, Eric Roman, Michael Scarola, Fland, and Pykotta are scattered throughout the 100-page massive compilation. Expect some surprises along the way! Sold at the actual cost of printing, with no profits being retained or paid to the creators and editors.
Savage the Fanzine is a work of fan-produced news, articles, interviews, and illustrations created by members of the Facebook “Age of Ka-Zar Fan Page” for collectors.
COMMENTS: Ka-Zar started at Marvel in October 1936, as one of many Tarzan inspired heroes. His adventures were featured in comics and pulp magazines. This fanzine is filled with 100 pages of exciting information for the true Ka-Zar fan by his most loyal fans. Fanzines are a lot of fun because the fans themselves get to explore their passion for the subject. Here it is no different you can feel the joy these creators have for Ka-Zar. I hadn’t discovered Ka-Zar until he showed up in the pages of the X-Men. Since then I have enjoyed many of the tales from the Savage Land.
Wally Monk starts us off with a feel for what this project is about and who the contributors are.
David Conine follows up with a great character study of Ka-Zar. Both of them. Yes, there are two David Rand and Kevin Plunder. Here David gives readers new and old a great overview.
Wally Monk returns with Joeseph Simon and they team up to tag-team interview Ka-Zar artist Brent Anderson. Brent Anderson and Bruce Jones were the team that made Ka-Zar the hero who could transcend the jungle tales genre and make him and his friend a separate land in the Marvel Univers.
This is followed by an entire portfolio of Brent’s work.
Then we learn the Secrets of Ka-Zar, a complete history of the hero from his pulp origins to the present day.
We are treated to a 20-page prose fanfiction piece by Joeseph Simon with spot illustrations by Dee Claborn. I am not enough of a Ka-Zar fan to know how true to the character this tale is. What I can tell you it was fun and compelling, enjoyable from beginning to end. We get to see the first meeting between Golden Age Ka-Zar, David Rand, and Silver Age Ka-Zar, Kevin Plunder. Something I am surprised Marvel hadn’t already done.
Sergio Aragones also has Ka-Zar art in the Fanzine!
We have the obligatory checklist of Ka-Zar appearances for novice fans to find all of his appearances in the 616 Marvel Earth.
Finally, we are treated to a variety of fan art from a variety of fans.
Whether you are a die-hard Ka-Zar fan or a casual fan check out this Fanzine. The download is FREE and you can’t beat that!

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