REVIEW: Robservations

Since Rob Liefeld entered Comics he’s been a polarizing figure. There are a lot of theories in a lot of reasons that people give but none of them actually makes sense considering he has 35 year career and Comics.

If you grew up loving Bronze Age comics, Star Wars and love the MCU movies, Robservations with Rob Liefeld is the podcast for you. You just don’t know it.

Although there are occasional interviews it’s primarily a one-man show where Rob shares his love from his childhood of some of the greatest Marvel Comics in the history of Comics in granular detail. The podcast focuses a lot on John Byrne and George Perez the X-Men the Avengers, Marvels B and C list characters. There’s a tremendous amount of love for Stan Lee, Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

Rob spends a lot of time reading fanzines from the ‘80s detailing interviews recount events that forged the Bronze Age, in creators own words. You find out interesting bits of history, like how the All-New X-Men we’re almost the Legion of Superheroes.

And there’s lots of ‘70s nostalgia including the Six Million Dollar Man, the Bionic Woman, the Shazam TV show and much, much, more.

Although the show does occasionally cover Rob‘s career it spends much of its time examining the comics and events in pop culture that I loved growing up, and those things are the reason I still enjoyed comics today.

Regardless if you are a Rob Liefeld fan or not you should give the podcast to try.

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