REVIEW CORNER: What If…? (Vol. 2) # 2

What If…? (Vol. 2) # 2
(What If Daredevil Killed The Kingpin?)
Writer: Danny Fingeroth
Penciller: Greg Capullo
Inkers: Ian Akin & Brian Garvey
Letterer: Michael Heister
Colorist: Evelyn Stein
Cover Date: August 1989
This week, I’ll take a look at “What If…?” # 2 from the second volume which asks the question “What If Daredevil Killed The Kingpin?”
In the reality we know, Karen Page, who was Matt Murdock’s estranged girlfriend at the time sold his secret identity as Daredevil to a local pusher, and it soon found its way to The Kingpin, who began a campaign to ruin Matt Murdock’s life with such vile acts like blowing up his brownstone, discrediting him as a lawyer, having him beaten to a pulp and almost framed him for murder but Murdock found his way back and took down The Kingpin (Even after he unleashed the violent super-soldier Nuke onto Hell’s Kitchen) and then picked up the pieces of his life.
In this new alternate reality, Matt Murdock decides to kill The Kingpin and succeeds in doing so, but what’s very compelling about this issue is how most of it dealt with Matt’s inner guilt and the way its warping reality all around him; Plus, The Punisher and Spider-Man try their best to help him but to no avail; The addition of The Hobgoblin worked very well due to his partnership with The Rose (Who was revealed to be Richard Fisk- The Kingpin’s son) and that connection to Daredevil works well within the story. Danny Fingeroth’s writing during this period of “What If…?” is simply brilliant as everything he brings to life in his scripts are never dull and does an excellent job of keeping the story on track, and might I add, Fingeroth never tries to pretend that he’s Frank Miller. Greg Capullo’s artwork here may mimic David Mazzucchelli’s brilliance but the art is still strong so that’s a definite plus.
“What If Daredevil Killed The Kingpin?” started out strong with such sad and dramatic overtones but ending on a high note thanks in part to the ending (** NO SPOILERS**); And I do feel like all Daredevil fans will find this particular issue of “What If..?’ to their liking due to the fact that this issue stays true to the character….. even if he’s in a dire situation.
Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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