REVIEW CORNER: Thunderbunny# 1

Thunderbunny# 1
Writer: Martin L. Greim
Artist/Letterer: Brian Buniak
Cover Date: June 1985
This week, I’ll take a look at one of the strangest heroes of all time- Thunderbunny, with his first issue coming out via Warp Graphics after appearing on both Charlton Comics and Archie Comics (Thunderbunny’s creator, Martin Greim had issues with Archie over the direction of the character, which is a long story); The issue kicks off with a quick recap of Thunderbunny’s origin where Bobby Caswell stumbles upon a spaceship where he finds a box with many symbols on it and when he placed his hand on the hand imprints he transforms into Thunderbunny; Bobby then gets a vision of Doctor Bar-Ko who tells him if the longer he stays in that form the harder it will be for him to change back (He thinks of his normal self then claps his hands in order to switch back)
The issue itself isn’t short of any action or drama as Thunderbunny, having defended the city of Boston with the help of the Mighty Crusaders, finds out that his Aunt Sue passed away during the melee; Grieving with pain, Bobby is unaware that the alien invaders have returned with a vengeance so when he finds out, he transforms into Thunderbunny and takes his anger out on them but realizes that’s not what his Aunt Sue would want him to do.
With Thunderbunny, Greim manages to take the concept of Shazam! (Preferably Hoppy The Marvel Bunny) and Mick Anglo’s “Marvelman” work keeps this particular character being a complete joke, but while Thunderbunny may look silly, Greim finds a way to make him feel highly heroic while adding some old-school nostalgia into the mix that any superhero fan will enjoy with awe. Yes, Thunderbunny is bizarre and will never be in the same length of popularity as Shazam or Superman. Still, his adventures will captive anyone willing to read the stories and will highlight the reason why he’s such a cult classic in the independent comic scene.
Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time with another review.

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