REVIEW CORNER: The Twilight Man

The Twilight Man (2019)

Writer/Artist: Koren Shadmi
Letterer: AndWorld Design


in 1959, Rod Serling delivered to us an anthology series called “The Twilight Zone” that brought out the best in Fantasy and Horror, making in a fan favorite for anyone that enjoys excellent storytelling and with this graphic novel, we get a very intriguing look at the life of Mr. Serling. I really got a huge kick out of the way that Koren Shadmi crafted this story by using black & white panels to give it a very vintage, real-life feel to the story and this book really does a splendid job of navigating the readers through the life of Mr. Serling. From his days in the army (And a good part of this book covers that time period, especially when it comes to addressing his struggles with PTSD) to trying to make it as a writer and I love how his earlier material involved either boxing or war stories. Serling life is a journey that is indeed thrilling but at the same time, had its share of heartbreaks such as rejection from CBS during the infant stages of “The Twilight Zone” to his post-Zone days. And I really enjoyed the fact that he just stopped trying out his scripts and started using a dictaphone (That, to me, was really cool)

Serling’s post-Zone years were also fascinating to read as we see him doing commercials to hosting a game show called “The Liars Club” and even a show called “Night Gallery” which featured a young Steven Spielberg getting his start while directing an episode featuring Joan Crawford (Had to throw that fact in there); But from my view, Twilight Man really does a fantastic job of giving us a story of a creative genius that would go on to inspire a whole generation of writers and this is a perfect companion for Twilight Zone fans or any up-and-coming writers out there. A well-crafted masterpiece that celebrates the life of Rod Serling.

Later on this week, I’ll make good on the promise of getting out another review so be on the lookout for that and I’ll recap the latest happenings at the comic forum this Sunday. Take care, be safe and I’ll see you back here soon.

And special thanks to JS Roman for recommending this book to me. I loved every minute of it.

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