REVIEW CORNER: The Magnificent Ms. Marvel # 5

The Magnificent Ms. Marvel # 5

Writer: Saladin Ahmed
Penciller: Minkyu Jung
Inkers: Juan Vlasco w/ Minkyu Jung
Colorist: Ian Herring
Letterer: Joe Caramagna

Cover Date: September 2019


The Magnificent Ms. Marvel # 5 gets the spotlight in this week’s edition of “Review Corner”; In this issue, Kamala Khan gets a brand new costume amid a brutal war on a distant planet.

So Kamala and her parents meet three alien mages from the planet of Saffa. They tell Kamala that she is the Destined One who can save their planet from total destruction thanks in part to a rebel group known as The Beast Legions, once they get there Kamala learns about Saffa’s “Destined One”; Turns out that she’s a woman who saved the planet from a group called The Beast Legions many years ago and the real shocker?!- She bears a striking resemblance to Kamala.

Right Away, Ms. Marvel tackles the Beast Legion all while doing her best to protect her parents. The Saffa soldiers soon take Kamala to a spaceship once owned by The Destined One where she gets the surprise of her life- a new costume! it’s a nano suit once used by The Kree Stormrangers that is similar to a Symbiote (Sounds Familiar?!?); This issue takes the troupes of a 1980s Sci-Fi movie and makes the best out of it, which is really enjoyable that brings out the emotions of the residents of Saffa while Kamala gets put on a new path due to her new costume and yes, I have to say this issue brings with it some nostalgic vibes from Secret Wars # 8 that I feel pays homage to that issue with love and respect; I should also add that Kamala’s new costume looks great and opens up new possibilities as it’s been detailed in during this volume’s run but many comic book readers, particularly Marvel fans, know that getting a new costume spells disaster down the road.

This issue of Magnificent Ms. Marvel gave Kamala a new costume and helped save a planet from chaos, this arc was fun and have quite a dynamic feel to it seeing as how Saladin Ahmed (An excellent writer) opens up Kamala’s world when it comes to giving her the adventure of a lifetime or any adventures outside of Jersey City so with that said, Kamala Khan’s tenure as Ms. Marvel is one of the bright spots of the modern-day Marvel.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time with a new review.

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