REVIEW CORNER: Superman For All Seasons # 1

Superman For All Seasons # 1
Writer: Jeph Loeb
Artist: Tim Sale
Colorist: Bjarne Hansen
Letterer: Richard Starkings
Cover Date: September 1998
This week, I’ll take a look at “Superman For All Seasons, ” another stellar collaboration between Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. Since they were known for their influential work on Batman, these two creative gentlemen took a shot at retelling the early days of The Man of Steel …..and it became an instant hit!
The series itself chronicles Superman’s days in Smallville to coming to Metropolis with the backdrop of the four seasons (No, not the hotel)- Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter with narration in each issue that really captivates the story; For this first issue, the focus turns to Spring as Clark Kent faces his last year of High School while still coming to terms with his abilities but when a tornado hits Smallville, he soon discovers that he can fly after rescuing a neighbor while revealing his powers to Lana Lang shortly after graduation.
This reexamining of Superman’s early days is without a doubt a masterpiece that’s always worth looking back with a sense of nostalgia and respect for an iconic hero who has such tremendous power yet does his best to find his own place in the world. This may have felt like a coming-of-age story, but Loeb and Sale together took that premise and made something spectacular while managing to escape the troupes that come with those types of stories. Loeb’s use of narration is a perfect touch that really gives this series (Especially this issue) its unique appeal and hearing Jonathan Kent’s narration in your head while reading this is so exuberating. Sale’s artwork, accompanied by the colors of Bjarne Hansen made for a great combination that took the essence and influence of Norman Rockwell’s timeless work and gave it a down-to-earth feel which is very rare for a Superman story but hey, it definitely works well within these pages.
Superman For All Seasons is required reading for anyone who enjoys a good Superman story, especially one that uses the backdrop of all four seasons that makes it so endearing. This take on The Last Son of Krypton really showed the readers that no matter how powerful he is, he’s human as the next person. His upbringing and the wisdom that both Jonathan and Martha Kent gave to him really helped in shaping him into the hero that he’s known for to this day.
Well, that’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you next time.

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