REVIEW CORNER: Spongebob Comics Annual-Size Super-Giant Swimtacular # 1

Spongebob Comics Annual-Size Super-Giant Swimtacular # 1 (2013)
“Lo, There Shall Be A Catered Affair!”
Writer/Artist: Derek Drymon
Colorist: Mike Lapinski
Letterer: Comicraft
(Flashback Sequences Artwork by Jerry Ordway)
“The Evil That Mendu”
Writer: Scott Roberts
Artist: Vince Deporter
Colorist: Mike Devito
Letterer: Comicraft
“Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy: Sidekick Blues”
Writer: Derek Drymon
Artist: Ramona Fradon
Colorist: Jim Campbell
Letterer: Comicraft
“Super Gary”
Writer/Artist/Letterer/Colorist: James Kochalka
“The Coming Of The Golden Kelp!”
Writer: Chuck Dixon
Artist: Hilary Barta
Colorist: Monica Kubina
Letterer: Comicraft
“The Secrets Of The Merma-Lair!”
Writer: Derek Drymon
Artist: Jacob Chabot
Colorist: Rick Neilson
Letterer: Comicraft
This week, I’ll look at the Spongebob Annual-Size Super-Giant Swimtacular #1 which pays homage to the Silver Age era of comics. I might say, this is a present read for old-school fans who loved that particular era so let’s dive into it (No pun intended)

Right away, most of the stories take a stride in poking fun at the Silver Age era and it’s great to see every Spongebob character take turns in either being a hero or in the case of Squidward, a villain but it’s also the perfect showcase for Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy as this annual get to see them in all their glory but another great thing about this annual is how the creative teams really had a blast in taking all of the goofy and monumental elements of both the Silver Age eras of both DC and Marvel and gave us a true blast from the past that maintains the humor of the Nickelodeon series while celebrating everything that most comic fans love about superheroes.

It was amazing to see such big names on this annual such as Ramona Fradon and Hilary Barta who helped in adding an atmosphere of joy and excitement to the artwork and “Spongebob Comics” alum Derek Drymon succeeds in making Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy a zanier version of Batman and Robin (The Adam West/Burt Ward versions to be exact); The two creators that made the best of out their contributions are DC icons Jerry Ordway (His Superman work from the late 80s/early 90s is just astonishing) and Chuck Dixon (His 100 issue run on “Robin” is such a treasure); Seeing Ordway draw The Aquatic Adventurers as well as Dixon, along with Hilary Barta delivering a Plankton story lampooning Iron Fist are the two stories that are with checking out while showing the readers why these two gentlemen will always be considered legends with their beautiful creativity that they present with every book that they work on.

This annual took a wonderful theme of Silver Age superheroes and made it an enjoyable read that takes us back to the glory days of yesteryear but while the whimsical aspects are still intact (especially since we’re talking about Spongebob), it shows the proper respect for an era that truly gave us the best superhero stories ever. This should be sought out no matter what and I should add that Stan Lee, Mort Weisinger, and Julius “Julie” Schwartz would definitely be proud of the work presented in this annual since their influence helped in crafting this annual. And that’s a fact.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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