Spawn/Batman (1994)
Writer: Frank Miller
Artist: Todd McFarlane

Tom Orzechowski
Colorist: Steve Oliff
For this week’s Review Corner, I’ll take a look at “Spawn/Batman” from 1994 as this was the second meeting between the two of them (With the one being “Batman/Spawn: War Devil” which came out in the same year that this one-shot did); This one-shot was interesting to read mostly to see the collaborating between Miller and McFarlane and I have to say that the two of them worked very well as the story is a companion piece to “The Dark Knight Returns” so I thought that was cool to know and I like how the story kicks off with Batman in New York City in search on an arsenal of weapons as well as some robots that use decapitated heads of random homeless people as their brains (Weird huh?!); And you’ll get a kick out of Spawn and Batman meeting up and basically beating the living crap out of each other due to the two of them being antagonistic and confrontational…and yes, both of their meetings were just them beating on each other (Not making that up either!);
After we get done with the mindless “Heroes beating up each other” gimmick, Batman and Spawn team up to take down the main villain, named Margaret Love and who has a connection to Spawn’s previous life as Al Simmons with her plan involving launching a nuke that would take out the world.; While reading this, I have to warn you how the plot tends to move more into “Good Cop/Bad Cop” movie territory due to the non-stop back and forth nitpicking that our heroes are engaged in. Even with him at the top of the world due to the success with “Sin City” that doesn’t stop Miller with going overboard with the script as you’ll struggle with trying to find anything exciting about it as Miller probably took pride in the script’s ludicrous elements so it’s not easy to take this story seriously. McFarlane’s art, on the other hand, is completely wonderful as you’ll find yourself captivated by it.
While this special did not set the world on fire, it is, for the most part, entertaining if you want to read a comic that will cure your boredom but maybe this one-shot was the beginning of the end for Miller’s over flawless creativity but as I noted earlier, the two of them worked well together (Which will surprise some people) but after reading this, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise that we never got another Miller/McFarlane collaborating and this was the first and only one because nothing else they could work on would be an over-the-top as “Spawn/Batman”
That’s it for me. Thanks for sticking around and I’ll be back next week.

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