REVIEW CORNER: Randy O’Donnell Is The M@n #1/ Mr. Right # 0

Randy O’Donnell Is The M@n #1/ Mr. Right # 0

“Randy O’Donnell Is The M@n”
Co-Plotter/Scripter: Tom DeFalco
Co-Plotter/Penciller: Ron Lim
Inker: Robert Jones
Colorist: Bob Sharen
Letterer: Jack Morelli

“Mr. Right Battles The Dead Presidents”
Co-Plotter/Scripter: Tom DeFalco
Co-Plotter/Penciller: Ron Frenz
Inker: Sal Buscema
Colorist: Bob Sharen
Letterer: Jack Morelli

Publication Year: May 2001

Rating: 10/10

This week, I’ll look at a title I’ve wanted to review for some time- Randy O’Donnell Is The M@n and the flipbook zero issue of Mr. Right that came out in 2001; Both stories were crafted by comic legend Tom DeFalco (The writer of “Amazing Spider-Man”, “Thor”, “Fantastic Four” and “Spider-Girl” as well as being Marvel’s Editor-In-Chief from 1987 to 1994) and his longtime collaborators Ron Frenz and Ron Lim. These creations look like DeFalco and Co. created them, especially for Marvel. It was during this time period that Joe Quesada took over as Marvel’s E-I-C so I’m guessing that Marvel didn’t have any room in their publishing schedule for these titles (Which is a shame) so taking them to Image was the right choice because it gave its fans a more exciting alternate to titles that didn’t need either Spawn, Savage Dragon or Youngblood to boost sales.

Randy O’Donnell is The M@n kicks off with the main character being a typical teenager who loves comic books and playing video games but for the life of him cannot find the courage to talk to the most popular girl in his high school. Unbeknownst to him, the land known as Bollucidar gets invaded by an evil faction called The Malok, it’s up to Edrice The Wizard to summon a warrior that can aid Gemel and Tesca, Bollucidar’s main defenders against the Malok….unfortunately, Edrice summons Randy (Apparently, Edrice mistook Randy for Dirk Danger, the hero of the video game Randy enjoys playing); With a replica of Dirk Danger’s costume and superhuman strength, Randy proves his worth in battle. Okay, I have to say it- this book is a fun read that breaks the mold of the typical superhero troupe to deliver something unique. Granted, DeFalco brings his usual yet engaging storytelling with this title because it feels like he took aspects of the forgotten “Dungeons & Dragons” cartoon from the 1980s and mixed it with elements from his runs of “Amazing Spider-Man” and “Thor” (And yes, DeFalco’s use of banter is totally on display which I feel makes his stories more exhilarating); Ron Lim’s artwork is still dynamic but his co-plotting is the weak link for this story as I feel like he should’ve let DeFalco handle the plotting because it feels like Lim hasn’t achieved plotting a story the way that Jack Kirby or Steve Ditko have done with great success. Until then, Lim should stick to penciling.

Mr. Right is a five-page story that introduces the readers to a digital daredevil who’s being operated by a teen named Jefferey Lopez (Known as “Player One”) and his friend Carlyn to take down a street gang called The Dead Presidents, who assaulted Jefferey’s mother; This story, just like the Randy O’Donnell story, applies the Marvel method of storytelling that both DeFalco and Frenz are used to doing, but you know that you’re going to get a brilliant story because of that, as well as the fact that both gentlemen know each other well enough to craft such a story as Mr. Right as right off the bat, it’s evident that they have such fun working together with no huge egos getting in the way while continuing to find a way to make their collaborations timeless. Randy O’Donnell and Mr. Right are heroes that could have existed in the 1990s but I’m just happy that they found a niche in the early 2000s, even if Image didn’t really support either character. Is it lighthearted and adventurous? YES! Should you add this to your collection?! ABSOLUTELY! While Randy O’Donnell Is the M@n lasted three issues, it’s still one of the most lighthearted and thrilling series to come out of Image that should be celebrated due to its creativity and the enjoyment one would get from reading this while serving as a reminder that comics like this indeed have a loyal audience that thrives on fresh concepts blended in with a touch of the old school era.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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