REVIEW CORNER: Raise Hell # 1

Raise Hell # 1 (2024)
Writer: Jordan Alsaqa
Artist: Ray Nadine

This week I will look at “Raise Hell #1” from ComiXology Originals. It’s a teen comedy with a demonic element to it that comes off as more delightful than petrifying. Set in an alternate reality version of the mid-2000s, best friends Victor, Reeves, and Miri end their summer vacation uniquely- by summoning their own demon! Unfortunately for them, the mall kiosk where they buy their ritual kit from is not exactly trustworthy, and the demon, who goes by the name of Alistair The Malicious, turns out to be an actual headache; Right away you’ll be swept away by the joyful charm exhibited within the pages of this series. From the wonderful chemistry that Reeves, Victor and Miri share with each other to Alistair’s wisecracks and his less-than-stellar powers (He’s downright lazy, so think Homer Simpson meets Randal Graves), this debut issue basks in the glory of displaying the slacker-esque mentality of teenagers within the confines of this delightful black comedy so don’t expect the creative team to go off the wall with the satanic elements and the typical “end of the world” routine, instead, it gives the readers more twist and turns that come off as whimsical then gives them a wink at the end of every page that solidifies in making sure this is a comedic story and worthy of your time.

Readers may want to break out the Alice Cooper/Megadeth/Slayer playlist or start playing “Back In The Day” by Ahmed on Spotify before giving this a good read because while this could very well be the most bizarre yet charming series to come out of ComiXology, it serves as a reminder of how the 2000s was the craziest decade of all time though making sure the readers strongly reminisce of those days of being a teenager….but without wishing for their own demon.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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