REVIEW CORNER: Outrage # 1

Outrage # 1 (2023)
“I Want You” (Main Story)
Writers: Jim Burrows & Earl Wajenberg
Artists: Joshua 1.9 Holley & Anna Holey
Letterer: Eric N. Bennett
“Who Is Outrage”
Writer: Jim Burrows
Artist: David Ellis Leary
Letterer: Eric N. Bennett
“Invictus: Outrage”
Writer: Jim Burrows
Artist: Gilbert Monsanto
Letterer: Eric N. Bennett
*Splash Page Art by Steven Butler with colors by Gilbert Monsanto*
I’ll look at Outrage # 1, one of the latest releases from G-Man Comics. Outrage is also a lawyer, as well as a bonafide superhero who also has the most realistic and down-to-earth origin that I feel, makes her unique; Spearheaded by Jim Burrows, who writes all of the stories presented in this issue sans one story (co-written by Earl Wajenberg) really brings out the best in Outrage where we get to see her growth and abilities on display and the three stories in this issue is may very well put Outrage on the same level that Miles Morales was on when be debuted as Spider-Man back in 2011.

The first story sees an appearance by The Agent, who’s trying to recruit Outrage but she declines, only she then finds herself in an all-out melee as she joins Invictus (The team she’s currently on) and The Triad along with The Agent and Sgt. Flag stops the upcoming Demon War II from coming to fruition. Burrows, along with artist David Ellis Leary then unveils the origin of Outrage and I must say that I enjoyed certain aspects of her origin story such as her great-grandfather being a Tuskegee airman as well as her using her powers during Hurricane Katrina which didn’t feel so hokey but it helps in giving Outrage a positive but powerful presence instead of doing the whole “She’s a black female who’s a superhero so we should give her the appropriate backstory that any African-American superhero should get”; Finally, Burrows tells the story of Outrage’s first outing with Invictus where he wastes no time in getting into the action while fleshing out the chemistry of the Invictus teammates.

Joshua 1.9 Holley’s artwork surprised me the most since he’s known for his animated style but here, his breakdowns have a dynamic flair to them which in turn shows the range he has as an artist. David Ellis Leary’s art for Outrage’s origin story looks great with the small Joe Madureira vibe, but he could take some time to perfect his craft which will indeed pay off shortly. The final story sees Gilbert Monsanto on art duties; As I pointed out in a previous review, his breakdowns are good but he could definitely benefit from working with an inker that can smooth out the details in his pencils.

Is Outrage worth your time?- YES! it’s not every day we get a strong and uplifting African-American woman as a superhero. She’s not looking to be a Supergirl ripoff nor is she trying to be a female Black Panther but her backstory and demeanor are by far the two selling points for this issue and Outrage as a character. Jim Burrows is another great storyteller for G-Man comics (Rik Offenberger has a great eye for talent); Just like the previous G-Man issues that I reviewed, this imprint will indeed take the world by storm thanks to the throwback storytelling and the magnificent characters and yes, I would love to see more Outrage stories that show an empowering African-American female hero in all her glory.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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