REVIEW CORNER: Marc Spector: Moon Knight Special Edition # 1

Marc Spector: Moon Knight Special Edition # 1
“Center Of A Madman’s Crown”
Writer: Doug Moench
Penciller: Art Nichols
Inker: Chris Ivy
Letterer: John Constanza
Colorist: Mike Thomas
“Moon Blight The Motion Picture (Backup Story)”
Writer/Letterer: Michael Higgins
Artist/Colorist: Marie Severin
(Based on a concept by Seth Kruchkow)
Cover Date: October 1992
This week, I’ll take a look at Marc Spector: Moon Knight Special Edition # 1 with features a very interesting team-up between Moon Knight and Shang-Chi, the two heroes who made quite the impact when they joined the MCU.

The two heroes join forces to take down a cult called The Golden Dawn, which was inspired by Brynocki, a robot created by Mordillo who was once a former agent of the British intelligence organization M16; Turns out The Golden Dawn is secretly recruiting sleeper agents and training them to becomes terrorists with one of the agents being a trainee of The Spector Corps’ London division who embezzled funds and took some important industrial secrets with him, which brings Moon Knight into the fray. Both MK and Shang-Chi fight their way through Brynocki’s defenses as well as battle an army of robots (No fooling)

What I found the most interesting about this special is how it took elements from the Indiana Jones movies, throw in some superheroes, and you got an action-packed story; I feel like Moench took the opportunity to wrap up some lingering plots from his run on “Master of Kung-Fu” but if that’s the case, I enjoy how he made it a Moon Knight story with Shang-Chi as the guest-star instead of the other way around but after reading this special, the ‘Wow’ factor will wear thin halfway through, hoping that the readers will make it through the end.
Art Nichols and Chris Ivy’s artwork didn’t bring the impressiveness that Andy Kubert or any of the big-name artists that made a name for themselves during the 90s so this story was entertaining for what it was if you like a globe-trotting action that doesn’t take itself too seriously. The backup story, entitled “Moon Blight The Motion Picture” takes a humorous jab at Moon Knight getting his own movie. A fun story that harkens back to the “Not Brand Ecch” era but does its job when it comes to delivering a few chuckles.
This special edition of Marc Spector: Moon Knight takes its cues from those low-budget 80s/Early 90s adventure movies where the action scenes are more interesting than the plot itself but I know many Moon Knight fanatics will get a kick out of this special for better or worse.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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