REVIEW CORNER: Highlight # 1

Highlight # 1 (2023)
Writer/Artist: Gilbert Monsanto
Letterer: Eric N. Bennett
Gilbert Monsanto brings his creation, Highlight, to life with this new series that will blow you away and possibly make you think about the wonders of the universe.

The story opens up with Highlight appearing from a portal where he ponders about life and reality itself then he finds himself in a distant future where he meets Mr. Murder and learns of his predicament (It turns out that his inexperience during a mission caused severe damage to the point where he was placed in suspended animation so when he awoke, he’s the only hero on this world) Highlight then ends Mr. Murder’s torment by sending him to a new world (Which may not be the smartest of ideas but Monsanto leaves that plot thread open for another time); This is by far one of the most innovative titles to come out of the G-Man Comics line as it’s a great cosmic odyssey that feels much like a superhero comic but more in line of “The Eternals” because I feel like Monsanto was channeling Jack Kirby for this series so that very vibe he put in place gives him the perfect opportunity to tell a story that The King himself would be proud of.

Highlight’s tussle with both Stellarex and Rapture (Obviously a take on Galactus and possibly Firelord), the introduction of The Keepers, and an appearance by Tanaris The Thunderlord are some of the great high points of this issue and not only are their importance to the plot but in a way, they do push out Highlight then relegates him to the role of supporting character…. in his debut issue but I trust Monsanto’s storytelling as it looks like he’s putting together an enjoyable arc that will culminate to something epic.

If the concept of “Eternals” and “New Gods” were mixed together along with the works of both Jack Kirby and Jim Starlin, you got Highlight. Even with the heavy exposition, Monsanto’s writing excels with such passion but I still feel that he should be paired with an inker even though he’s got tremendous talent as an artist when it comes to his layouts and descriptions. No matter what, Highlight is a great way to expand the comic universe of the G-Man universe, and yes, this looks like a title that Jack Kirby would be proud of.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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