REVIEW CORNER: Gumby’s Summer Fun Special # 1

Gumby’s Summer Fun Special # 1

Writer: Bob Burden
Artist: Arthur Adams
Letterer: L. Lois Buhalis
Colorist: Rick Taylor

Gumby Created by Art Clokey

Cover Date: July 1987


Keeping up with my tour of reviewing indie titles and promising that this one is not an Image Comics title, This week I’ll take a look at Gumby’s Summer Fun Special from 1987 via Comico Comics and it’s worth noting that this special is known for its sharp artwork by Arthur Adams, who was on top of the world due to his work on Longshot as well as the X-Men and Web of Spider-Man annuals during the mid-1980s.

Bob Burden (Of Flaming Carrot Comics fame) created a story that not only will bring a smile to numerous Gumby fans but it’s a story that is memorable for any comics fan who grew up with these kinds of comics. The story starts off with Gumby & Pokey going to cheer up a neighbor of theirs named Wooster who’s in a straight-up funk (He’s actually attached to wires that are connected to a bunch of lighting rods- So weird, right?!?) but everything they do to cheer him up fails but then Gumby and Pokey babysit the children of Mr. & Mrs. Robot but it isn’t long before they find themselves in an adventure that involves Space Bears, a baby sitter that becomes a werewolf and pirates (Yes, Pirates!); Even when things kick into high-gear due to Niblet, the youngest of the robot family gets kidnapped by a group of lines called The Saucermen, it up to Gumby, Pokey, and the robot siblings (Mem & Blib) set out to rescue him and that’s when the weirdness comes into play and it’s just a blast reading this.

From the anthropomorphic astronauts called The Hystorians who chase after the Saucermen to finding themselves on an island inhabited by pirates, it was very fun to see Gumby and the gang in the middle of this insane battle with The Saucermen, The Hystorians, and the Pirates and it isn’t long before Gumby and friends find themselves in Halloweentown, where it’s Halloween all the time (Yeah, it sounds like something out of a Tim Burton movie) where Gumby and The Gang help the citizens of that town by scaring off some pumpkin-eaters, it’s so bizarre and wholesome but very enjoyable when you read it. Arthur Adams’ artwork really makes this so amazing due to the expressions and unique style he brings to the table.

Gumby’s Summer Fun Special is but far one of the weirdest yet comical stores to ever see print. I really love how everything was wrapped up with a happy ending **NO SPOILERS** (Even Wooster, who spent most of the special in a sad funk, found happiness); If you love reading comics that are filled with non-sequitur comedy mixed in with a small dose of dark elements for good measure, then I definitely recommend this special because of the ingenious work that Burden and Adams have crafted for this special, and it’s living proof that it’s one of the most hilarious and wonderful comics to come out towards the end of the eighties.

That’s it for me. I’ll be back so thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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