GONE # 1
Writer/Artist: JOCK
Colorists: Lee Loughridge & JOCK
Letterer: Andiworld Designs
Cover Date: October 2023
This week I’ll look at “GONE #1”, the new ongoing series from DSTLRY that introduces us to the gritty Sci-Fi epic from acclaimed artist/writer JOCK that comes in a brilliant 48-page oversized format that I feel really will get readers invested in this series but the story itself looks intriguing.

The story opens up with the introduction of Abi, a young loner who is worried about her mother as she gets by with odd jobs to provide food for the two of them. She also indulges in stealing. Things go from bad to worse as Abi, along with her friends, find themselves stranded on a luxury space liner to find a better life; Thanks to her friends, Abi is struggling to stay alive when the crew descends into complete chaos. Throughout the issue, JOCK’s visuals are stunning to where it keeps your attention with every page while he also takes elements such as resiliency and vulnerability for us to root for Abi; Surprisingly enough, it works on all levels. With such strong storytelling on display, JOCK’s work here feels like an excellent mixture of Will Eisner & Jim Steranko that will no doubt continue to make him popular.

“GONE” is one of those rare Sci-Fi stories that you can lose yourself in as it touches on the subjects of betrayal and survival in a way that will touch anyone’s soul while being memorized by the ounce of excellence that radiates from page to page thereby making this series the perfect way to introduce DSTLRY as a tour de force in the comic book industry that once again shows that independent comics are the perfect alternate for the superhero fatigue.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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