REVIEW CORNER: Funny Things: A Comic Strip Biography of Charles M. Schulz

Funny Things: A Comic Strip Biography of Charles M. Schulz (2023)
Co-Writer/Artist: Luca Debus
Co-Writer: Francesco Matteuzzi
This week I will look at “Funny Things: A Comics Strip of Charles M. Schulz”, a whimsical look at the Peanuts creator’s childhood and then his retirement in December 1999 that’s told in the medium that made him a bonafide legend: The Comic Strip! The strips bring with them a very heartwarming and humous take on Sparky’s life story that is both enduring and intriguing while some aspects of Schulz’s life were imagined by the authors, they never go off the rails with it. Instead, they take the readers back to a time of innocence while showing us the influences that helped shape Peanuts into the phenomenal strip that it is today, we even got to see glimpses of such names as “Charlie Brown” and “Linus Maurer” (Very charming); I love how every strip ends with a brilliant punchline but seeing Sparky achieve his dream of being a cartoonist is a perfect way for the readers to root for the underdog (Even if we already know how it turns out); Luca Debus’ artwork never tries to draw the strips in Schulz’s style but pays homage to it with a type that has glimpses of Berkeley Breathed, Bill Watterson and Garry Trudeau with a European twist to it. From his time in the army to fatherhood and Peanuts taking the world by storm, “Funny Things” set out to pay tribute to one of the world’s most beloved and creative cartoonists but you know what?! – Debus and Matteuzzi delivered a biography that should be studied by anyone who dreams of becoming a cartoonist while making sure that Mr. Schulz still has the utmost respect as both an icon and a human being.
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