REVIEW CORNER: Fantastic Four # 164

Fantastic Four # 164
Writer: Roy Thomas
Penciller: George Perez
Inker: Joe Sinnott
Letterer: John Constanza
Colorist: Petra Goldberg
Cover Date: November 1975
I continue my look at various George Perez comics (I promise to take a look at his “New Teen Titans” run) in honor of his memory. Still, this week, I’ll take a look at his Fantastic Four run as this issue was his first on the title, replacing Rich Buckler, and in my honest opinion, he really got off to a great start which I feel isn’t easy since he had to follow John Buscema and Buckler himself.
The story with the return of The Crusader, a hero from the 1950s using the name “Marvel Boy” and is a champion of the Uranian Eternals on Uranus. But in this story, an Eternal who goes by the name “Thelius” appears as The Crusader and arrives on earth to destroy the sinners of Earth who are motivated by greed. The Human Torch quickly tangles with Thelius and gives him a run for his money and this is when the rest of The FF enters the fray and realizes how deadly The Crusader is.
Perez’s artwork brings an energetic yet zestful feel to this series that hasn’t been seen since Jack “The King” Kirby (Who supplied the cover for this issue) as I see some influences of Kirby and John Buscema, but he doesn’t go overboard in mimicking their styles but instead brings his own to the forefront and success in doing so. I also like to point out how Perez and Roy Thomas work very being on the FF, especially during the 1970s since it is not easy to escape the large shadow that both Stan Lee and Jack Kirby (Along with John Romita Sr. and John Buscema) brought to this title, but Perez and Thomas really made the FF exciting for the 70s and this particular issue indicated the pure magic that Perez brings to the table all while putting him next to Kirby as one of the greatest FF artists ever.
Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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