REVIEW CORNER: EC Comics Puzzles

EC Comics Puzzles
The Impact that EC Comics had on pop culture is truly amazing; From their explosion on the comics scene back in the 1950s to being adapted to television thanks to “Tales From The Crypt” on HBO in the 1990s, EC Comics are still putting their stamp on Pop Culture thanks in part to these new puzzles from the good folks at Renegade Game Studios.

The Puzzles are very fun to put together as it’s a 1000 piece puzzle and comes with an amazing mini-poster, and while you’re putting together the puzzle it’s spectacular to see it come together as the artwork from Wally Wood and Frank Frazetta really shines, so if you’re a huge EC Comics fan, then do yourself a favor and add these to your collection because they’re simply amazing, not to mention being awed by your friends and comic book fans.

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