REVIEW CORNER: DC Comics Presents # 61

DC Comics Presents # 61
Writer: Len Wein
Penciller: George Perez
Inkers: Pablo Marcus with Rick Hoberg
Colorist: Gene D’Angelo
Letterer: John Constanza
Cover Date: September 1983
I was thinking about wrapping up my Moon Knight reviews since the series finale aired last week (Sadly, there will be no season two) Still, with the tragic passing of George Perez this previous Saturday it only seems right to take a look back at the series or/issues that made him a bonafide icon (Don’t worry, I plan to do the same thing with Neal Adams) so for this week, I’ll take a look at DC Comics Presents # 61 featuring Superman teaming up with OMAC, one of Perez’s earliest work shortly after taking over the art chores on “The New Teen Titans” and with that, we got ourselves an exciting issue of DCCP.

The story opens up with OMAC (“One Man Army Corps”) bursting into an Intercorp laboratory and he starts fighting the scientists who work there, but a handful of them send a robotic assassin named Murdermek who heads to the present (Circa 1983) to assassinate a man named Norman Blank, who’s the ancestor of OMAC and by killing him, he will succeed in making sure OMAC never existed. Superman meets up with OMAC and together they do their best to protect Norman Blank while stopping the threat of Murdermek.

What I like about this issue is how the action continuously overtakes this issue which I don’t feel that it’s a bad thing because it truly brings out the best in Perez’s artwork. He works his magic throughout every page as he breathes life into every detail and the nuances of his facial expressions not to mention his body language really give Len Wein’s script a huge boost of excitement. The particular issue of DCCP came out a year before “The Terminator” hit theaters, but I do think that Wein and Perez did an extraordinary job of delivering a “time-traveling assassin coming to the present to kill an ordinary person to preserve the future” story that may have a huge superhero presence to it but makes for a significant OMAC story that would make his creator, Jack Kirby (“The King”) burst with pride.

Well, that’s it for me this week. I’ll be back with another George Perez review so thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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