REVIEW CORNER: Captain America # 312

Captain America # 312
Writer: Mark Gruenwald
Penciller: Paul Neary
Inker: Dennis Janke
Letterer: Diana Albers
Colorist: Ken Feduniewicz
Cover Date: December 1985
This week, I’ll take a look at Captain America # 312, which is the first appearance of Flag-Smasher, the villain who inspired The Flag-Smashers from “The Falcon & The Winter Soldier” so this is a key issue for anyone in love with the show or Captain America fans in general.
Flag-Smasher hits the scene as a freedom-fighter who has one goal in sight: To liberate earth from the national rule so he targets The U.N. Meanwhile, Steve Rogers gets an unexpected surprise from The United States Army, and that’s his back pay which he uses to put together his national hotline, even hiring a P.R. firm to handle the publicity side of the latter and set up a press conference to announce the hotline, and it isn’t long before Flag-Smasher hits the scene and tries to humiliate Cap, but the former quickly makes short work of the latter and in turn shows everyone why Cap is still looked at as a symbol of truth and hope.

The story flowed with perfection and six issues under his belt, Mark Gruenwald’s run is a tour de force and this issue is absolute proof of that because Flag-Smasher is such a memorable villain who’s willing to give Cap a run for his money (Besides The Red Skull, that is); A great issue that once again shows Cap as the icon that he is and during that time, was taken to even greater heights thanks to Gruenwald’s writing.

Well, that’s it for me. I’ll be back next week so thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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