REVIEW CORNER: Amazing Spider-Man # 501

Amazing Spider-Man # 501
Writer: J. Michael Straczynski
Penciller: John Romita Jr.
Inker: Scott Hanna
Colorist: Matt Milla
Letterer: Cory Petit
Cover Date: January 2004
This week, I’ll be taking a look at Amazing Spider-Man # 501 which I feel is one of the true masterpieces of J. Michael Straczynski’s run as May Parker gets the spotlight.

In the early days of J. Michael Straczynski’s run, he shook up Spidey’s world by doing the unthinkable- Aunt May finds out about Peter’s identity as Spider-Man. In this issue, we get to follow May on a typical Saturday as she visits Uncle Ben’s grave while Spider-Man himself is engaged in a battle with a villain called The Shaker (Turns out he’s just a random guy who stole a hi-tech mining suit that lets anyone core out the ground while using high to low-frequency vibrations that turns rocks to powder); This issue was JMS’ way to freshen up May’s personality because it’s been no secret that ever since Stan Lee left his mark on Spidey, various writers has always had May reduced to a doting character who was always worried about Peter. Unfortunately, it made her very one-dimensional but under JMS, May became quite lively and bursting with confidence that left a lasting impression that I enjoy the most from this era of ASM.

Spidey’s battle with The Shaker was a great bonus that saved this from being a filler issue despite May being the star but this was quite enjoyable that saw May fully embrace Peter’s time as Spidey and this is an issue of ASM that should be required reading if you want a story that goes straight for your heartstrings.

Well, that’s it for me this week. Thanks for sticking around and I will see you all next time.

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