PUBLISHER: Sitcomics
WRITER: Darin Henry
ILLUSTRATOR: Ron Frenz, Sal Buscema, Al Milgrom & Joe Rubinstein
COLORS: Glenn Whitmore
LETTERS: Marshall Dillon
COVER: Ron Frenz & Sal Buscema
PRICE: $1.99
SUMMARY: The senses-shattering conclusion to the Professor Wrath Saga! The Blue Baron has leaped out of the frying pan and into the fire as he struggles to escape the deadly Demonsion! Meanwhile, Ernie has to fend off the unwanted advances of a classmate.
COMMENTS: Sitcomics format is that they are all mini-series to be collected into a trade paperback. So 3.3 is the third chapter of the trade paperback. We start off with what happened previously and an introduction to the characters. It is brief but very important if you are picking up a middle issue. Out of all the Sitcomics titles, this one feels the most like a Marvel comic. Like all Sitcomics it has a silver age feel to the storytelling. Blue Baron, himself is kind of a cross between Captain America and Shazam with a little Freaky Friday mixed in. From Hight School dances to joining Wonder Witch in a battle with demons this comic covers the spectrum of a wild fantasy tale. The story covers Bule Baron’s commitment to the superteam Heroes Union as they continue to build the Sitcomics Universe. This is the final chapter of volume three but it continues to roll into volume four with its own ‘to be continued”

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