REVIEW: Basketful of Heads #1

Basketful of Heads #1 landed this week with a beautiful Joshua Middleton cardstock variant cover the day before All Hallows Eve, THE PERFECT time to launch DC’s new Horror Comic Line. Hill House Comics is a part of DC’s Black Label Mature line of comics, and this one is a doozy. Written by Joe Hill with clean, minimalist, and stylish art by “Leomacs” this comic has all the makings of an epic story.

It’s 1983 in a small upstate Maine Island at the end of the Summer. The art, the writing, and the aura of the story all give me a “Jaws” vibe, complete with a sweaty Mayor worried about tourism. Since its Maine, in the 80s you just know everything is going to go sideways and fast. Well, it does on the very first panel with, well, the aforementioned basketful of heads. Rewind to “Before”, and we meet summer lovers June and Liam on his last day as a Brody Island Police Force summer hire. They talk about what happens after the Summer as they are both on the cusp of adulthood, unsure of what the future holds.

It seems four men staged a prison break during a routine transfer and are on the loose which Liam finds out by accident as he had turned his radio off. Chief of Police Wade Clausen is sure they’ll be caught without a fuss, and everyone will be home in time for supper. He even makes sure Liam goes over to his house to let his wife know he may be late but then…

Well, you should pick this one up and see for yourself. I have a feeling the next few issues will be fantastic, gory, and twisted. And if all of that isn’t enough, there is a small secondary story tucked in the back.

Solid 4.5/5 Marquee tickets. You don’t want to miss this one.

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