“I like Matt Fraction.

While probably every writer tries to find out what makes each of his/her projects unique, in Fraction’s book you can feel the effort. And that makes his books stand out.

With Adventure Man, part of that “uniqueness” of the book is, paradoxically, its pulp-ish feeling. And he updates that feeling with a BLM environment. No, this is not a preachy book on politically correctness or, ehm, politics.

This is an adventure book. Rooted in the clichés of the 30’s pulp and going into a non traditional diverse family’s future. This is the story of librarian Claire, her son Tommy, her dad and her also adopted 6 sisters.

Claire likes pulps and, as a good cliché mandates, she doesn’t know but she’s some how related to her favorite pulp character: Adventure Man.

While the premise is simple, the book is building two aspects:

First is the rebuilding of a team: it used to be, in the 30’s, a charismatic leader (ala Doc Savage or The Shadow) and the relationship and his loyal operatives. This time it’s Claire… and her so different sisters; out growing of a family, relationships should be more complex than blind loyalty.

And second: the old foes from the books are making a come back.

The art is provided by Terry Dodson with colors provided by Rachel Dodson. Dodsons’ modern take on art deco suits perfectly Fraction’s modern take on pulp writing. The book is fun, dynamic and elegant.”

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