Return To The Fabled World of RECORD OF LODOSS WAR

Keep reading for an exclusive 6 page preview and cover reveal for all three volumes of the manga!

Record of Lodoss War: Crown of the Covenant Volume 1
By Ryo Mizuno, Atushi Suzumi
192 Pages, B&W, US$13.99, 978-1772942637

A new era of adventure has begun in the fabled world of RECORD OF LODOSS WAR

Thanks to “The Crown of the Covenant”, the accursed isle of Lodoss has seen peace for 100 years. However, the ambitious ruler of the kingdom of Flaim now threatens to return Lodoss to a state of war. Heroes appear once more, as the young prince Lyle of Marmo seeks the help of the legendary high elf, Deedlit. Will a new “Knight of Lodoss” arise to save all the kingdoms?


Record of Lodoss War:
Crown of the Covenant Volume 2

Coming July 2023

Record of Lodoss War:
Crown of the Covenant Volume 3

Coming September 2023

Exclusive 6 page Preview of Record of Lodoss War: Crown of the Covenant Volume 1
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