Writer(s): Gayle Middleton
Artist Name(s): Amanda Coronado
Cover Artist(s): Amanda Coronado
32 pgs./ E / FC

Welcome back to the world of Gloomvania! The Ghost Pony is back along with the adorably rotten and mischievous babies of the Nightmare Nursery! No one wants to babysit the Vampyre babies now that Destiny Harper, their nanny, has disappeared! What to do? Hire a new nanny who has plans other than babysitting… to sell a rare captured Undeadland Ghost Pony at the Undead Pet Society Adoption Fair.

Ghost Ponies, wereponies and more fill this adventure in babysitting with mayhem and weirdness! The horridly cute babies of the Nightmare Nursery deal with the worse nanny in all the realms of Gloomvania and in the process with a bit of “unluck” free a rare undeadland ghost pony.

VAMPLETS is created/written by Gayle Middleton had this to say about THE UNDEAD PET SOCIETY one-shots: “THE UNDEAD PET SOCIETY gives me a chance to explore the world of Gloomvania and the Vampyre’s love of their pets. I love the Ghost Pony and wanted to create more other worldly ponies.”

Gayle went on to say about SCARY ROTTENS and the future of VAMPLETS: “This story continues THE UNDEAD PET SOCIETY but also continues the ongoing saga of Destiny Harper…who at the end of the NIGHTMARE NURSERY VOLUME 3 was sent back to Earth with no way of getting back to Gloomvania. This issue allowed me to combine Undead Pets & the Nightmare Nursery Babies in what I hope is a surprise ending that will excite all of our fans!”

These adorable VAMPLETS have been well-loved for years in hardcover and plushie form. The first chapter as well as the plushies were even featured on The View during “Whoopi’s favorite things” segment, during which the actress called VAMPLETS “A little creepy, but so fun and sweet”. If you love the cute and weird, SCARY ROTTENS is a great jumping on point for you.

A preview of the book was available during the Halloween Comic Fest. Now you can finally see the rest of the story when VAMPLETS: THE UNDEAD PET SOCIETY: SCARY ROTTENS #1 is released in April 2019. Preorder the issue by the April 1, 2019 FOC date

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