Remember when comics were fun? WE DO.

Welcome to AMK Comics and our exciting flagship title, Mike W. Belcher’s MAN IN THE MASK, a story of one man’s journey to a masked life and what it means to him.

Whether it’s in the pages of the short story, “IS THERE A MAN IN THE MASK?” where we learn some basics of the fabled masked man of Freebourne City. Then it’s off to the story that introduces the full cast of characters entitled EMERGING FROM THE SHADOW, a 120 Page Full Color Original Graphic Novel. Within, you get to know the two Tommy’s, a grandfather and grandson. And you get to watch as the mask gets passed on to a new generation of masked men.

Debuting SOON, is the first issue of the new series following the graphic novel. SPECIAL BACK UP STORY BY COMIC WRITING LEGEND, MIKE BARON.

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