Relive Batman: The Animated Series with These New Virtual Backgrounds

If you’ve been binging Batman: The Animated Series while staying at home, you may have wondered what it might be like to step into the screen and visit the Batcave, drop by Arkham Asylum or roam those iconic Gotham City streets. Well, now you can…in a manner of speaking. Our latest batch of virtual backgrounds are all B:TAS-themed, allowing you to take video calls and hold your online hangouts from within the world of the iconic series. Whether you prefer being flanked by the Batcomputer, the menacing Arkham gates or the Dynamic Duo themselves, Batman’s animated world can be virtually yours. You can wear a cowl while using the backgrounds or not, but remember, if you see the Joker, social distancing is STRONGLY recommended.

To use the backgrounds, click on the images below to open them full-sized, then save them on your computer or phone.

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