Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #7 preview

Red Sonja: Black, White, Red #7

writer: Ron Marz, Phil Hester, Amy Chu

artist: Heidi Blair, Andres Labrada, Mirko Colak

covers: Jae Lee (A), Sway (B), Bob Q (C), Cosplay (D), Sway (E-RI/BW), Bob Q (F-RI/BW), Cosplay (G-RI/Virgin), Jae Lee (H-RI/BW)

FC | 40 pages | Cardstock Covers | Sword and Sorcery | $4.99 | Teen+

The greatest tales, the best creators, brought to you in beautiful black, white and red! BOB Q (Captain America) creates an impossible task for the She-Devil…defeat the undefeatable giant! SHANNON WATTERS (Lumberjanes) presents a tale of a “hero” who delights and enchants people… which causes Red Sonja to experience a sensation she’s unfamiliar with: Jealousy! DAVID AVALLONE (Elvira) presents a spine-tingling Sonja story that will tease and taunt the senses!

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