Raven Hex’s Merry Hexmas!

Happy ThorsDay!
Jim just finished Cover B for Tarot#137!! SO AMAZING!!!
This week I posted a nice batch of store orders as well as my Vampi Kickstarter pledges… I’m also working on an Archie Comics Project and Jim is coloring the Hexmas Adventure heading your way this Dec!

OH, I also updated the jimbalent website to its frosty new look for the holidays!

I must get back to the board to doodle and draw!
More groovy stuff to come!
Lady Holly!

This Collection will Include Both Editions of Cover A and Cover B, And Mystery Gift!
PreOrder the $7 Bundle Today!

A ferocious Frosty!

Add on this Delightful Delilah Lilac, as Boo Cat, gets a frosty reception from a snowman Meanie! of the Limited edition Tarot#137 Cosplayer Photocover! comes signed by artist bagged & boarded!

Art Print $15 Add On!

Cover A


Issue Ships late Dec 2022

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