Rabbitt’s Badass Song “Year of the Rabbit, Part 1” preview


Jimmy Mason, an African American man born in the heart of Mississippi to a respectable madame, is on a journey to find revenge on the men who murdered his mother and left him to die, the Good Boys.

Jimmy takes on the persona of Rabbit, an anti-hero inspired by an old American cartoon character based on racial stereotypes. By his side is Irene Honeycutt, Snow Bunny, who has been with Rabbit since childhood. Together, they’re a mercenary team, but the time has come for them to get back to their roots.

Rabbit’s Badass Song is created & written by Christopher J. Elston & Chassity Lassiter, penciled & inked by Halil Mete, and lettered by Toben Racicot, with cover coloring by Jose Antonio Lopez.

Rabbit’s Badass Song is published by Flash Delirium. The first issue was released on October 8, 2021, and is available now. Prints are limited to 3,000 copies and there are no variants. There was a free trading card for the first 100 pre-orders, but it quickly sold out. Individual copies are $4.99 each, and a digital edition is available for $0.99.

Orders can be made on Flash Delirium’s website or on Instagram, or purchased at Stories Comics, Velocity Comics, and Cerebral Vortex in Richmond, Virginia as well as at Comic Cubicle, LLC in Williamsburg, Virginia.

Here are the first six pages of Rabbit’s Badass Song “Year of the Rabbit, Part 1” featuring the stunning, gritty, atmospheric artwork of Halil Mete…

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