Queen of Swords: History In The Making

History in the Making
We’ve got one question for you: are you ready for a big f#cking deal? Don’t know if you’ve heard, but Queen of Swords is going to be a big deal. Like, a really big deal. The first EVER Spin-Off series from Vault is the comic event of the year, and not to be missed! But, hey, if you need more convincing, read on for a word our Publisher, Damian Wassel, about why this is an earth shattering event!
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Long Live The Queens
By Damian Wassel

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… It’s a Spin-off!

Queen of Swords: A Barbaric Tale is our first spin-off at Vault. And I couldn’t be more excited about it. I promise I’m not being dramatic. This story is kind of a big deal, and there are three reasons I’m so excited.

First, this means that Barbaric–already the biggest, baddest fantasy comic on shelves–is getting bigger. And my general position is: the more Barbaric, the better. (I swear I don’t treat this as an ethical principle, just a rule for comics.) Barbaric is also getting badder and more beautiful. You don’t have to take my word for it. Just take a look at Corin Howell’s dazzling art, not to mention the dazzling trio of women who carry the story: Deadheart, the hulking barbarian you can’t help but love; Ka, the thief with a troubling conscience; and Serra, the timid witch who tends to hulk out and annihilate her enemies when things get tough. As you’ve come to expect from Barbaric, Queen of Swords is riotously fun, packed with humor, action, just the right dash of critical commentary, and lights-out awesome art, not to mention another fast-talking magical weapon, and–as already noted–three of the toughest women ever to hack their way through hordes of fantastical monsters.

First Character Concept Sketches by Corin Howell for Queen of Swords

Second, it’s not just a special moment for Barbaric. It’s a special moment for Vault as a publisher. Before Barbaric, many people told us there was no room for sword and sorcery comics anymore. Now, if you’ve read Barbaric, you probably know better than to bet against Owen and Axe. Now, here we are, years later, and Barbaric is still running under its own power. That’s a rarity in the indie comics landscape. It’s even rarer to see an indie series catch enough wind to motivate a spin-off. But that’s where we are with Queen of Swords. We’ve got a story people have loved so much that the creators wanted to give them more–more of the world, more of the characters, more of the mythology. So, that means Vault gets to clear a huge milestone and launch its first spin-off. Hats off to the team that made this possible and huge, huge thanks to the fans who have shown up for Barbaric and whom we know will be there for Queen of Swords.

Dead Heart, Serra, and Ka are not about to let a demon infested tower stand in their way

Third, spin-offs are a major part of comics history. What do Batman, Superman, Spider-Man, or–more recently–B.P.R.D., or House of Slaughter have in common? No doubt you guessed it. They’re all spin-offs. What is it about spin-offs that sparks something in the heart of comics fans? Well, they’re often the perfect place to invite new readers aboard. This means if you’ve been loving Barbaric and want a friend to come along for the ride, Queen of Swords is the perfect time to invite them aboard. It might also be that, under the hood, part of what drives comics fans is a desire for stories that feel wild, expansive, and larger than life. And what could signal that a story is unfurling into a larger mythology better than a spin-off?

So, if you’ve been reading Barbaric all along, don’t miss Queen of Swords. And if you have yet to read Barbaric, there’s no better time to join these epic warriors on their quest to drink, party, and occasionally, reluctantly, save the world with talking weapons.

Told ya 😉

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