Puppetry of the Penis AND MORE


I’d heard of PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS on shows like HBO REAL SEX but had never seen it live. Last weekend I changed that. I took a girl to it in Las Vegas at The Erotic Heritage Museum. Don’t believe me? Here’s some pics –

PUPPETRY OF THE PENIS was initially conceived as the title of an art calendar by Australian Simon Morley, showcasing 12 of his favourite penis installations (known as Dick Tricks). On New Year’s Eve in 1997 he had a garage full of calendars to sell, and with requests for live demonstrations mounting he finally decided to create an act with fellow Aussie David “Friendy” Friend.

We came for the PENIS was stuck around for the LABIA. The museum is fun to explore too.

The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum, also known as the Erotic Heritage Museum, (the EHM) began as a partnership between Preacher (the Rev. Ted McIlvenna) and a Pornographer (Harry Mohney). Working to build a sex positive exhibition space, these two men from opposite sides of the cultural spectrum created the largest museum in the world for the preservation of erotic artifacts, fine art, film, education and cultural events: The Las Vegas Erotic Heritage Museum.

The EHM houses more than 24,000 square feet of permanent and featured exhibits championing the wonders of erotic imagination, as depicted through artistic expressions of sex and love. The museum’s ethos is that sexual pleasure and its depiction are natural aspects of the human experience and that such celebrations of individual human sexuality (i.e. pleasure) must be made available to all, regardless of gender, race or belief.

With so much of global erotic heritage undervalued, criticized or even lost over time the EHM is dedicated to the preservation of as much erotic heritage as is possible to display. Scouring the world for their exhibitions, The Harry Mohney Erotic Museum’s furthers its purpose by providing space for scientific and literary functions relating to sexual, emotional, mental and physical health.

As such, the EHM is as much an assemblage of some of the most important sexual artifacts, tableau and interactive exhibitions in the world as it is a one-of- a-kind lecture and classroom space.

Was it a lil trashy and sleazy? Maybe. I guess that depends on your personal sensibilities about these things but for myself – I WILL BE BACK. I found it fun and the world could use more things that are just fun. Get over there.



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