PULP REALITY #2 (featuring a new SNOW CHASE, a new SNOW SHORT by Bobby Nash)

#TheSummerofSnow continues in Pulp Reality #2 with Snow Chase by Bobby Nash! #FreshSnow now on sale!

About Pulp Reality #2: Stormgate Press Presents: Ten new short stories from today’s leading authors and illustrators in the New Pulp genre. Packed with Pirates, Private Eyes, Aliens, automatons, villains and vigilantes. High adventure, wondrous fantasy, mysterious horror and startling science fiction await you. Be transported to astonishing places and travel to amazing times in the Golden Age, Pulp Style. This is Pulp Reality 2.

About Snow Chase: Archer and Abraham Snow are back in action! At a secluded mountain resort, someone is targeting one of Snow Security’s clients. Can #Snow catch the assassin in time? Find out in SNOW CHASE by Bobby Nash with illustration by Clayton Murwin, which you can see below. He also did the main cover.

You can get your paperback copy of Pulp Reality #2 HERE now. An ebook edition will follow soon.

The Pulp Factory Award-Winning Pulp Reality #1 is still on sale as well. You can find it in paperback and ebook. Read it FREE with Kindle Unlimited.

Learn more about Snow at www.abrahamsnow.com

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